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What Does Trigger Finger Look Like?

The name “trigger finger” may bring to mind guns, sharpshooters, or the finger that we pull a trigger with, but it is actually a painful physical condition experienced in the hands. So what does trigger finger really mean?

Trigger fingers

Trigger finger, or stenosing tenosynovitis, is an agonizing condition that causes a finger to lock in a certain position, preventing it flexing smoothly. The condition is a result of inflammation within the tendon sheath of the finger. Sometimes a tendon may develop a nodule that keeps it from gliding smoothly, which causes the finger to get stuck at one position, not being able to bend or straighten. With trigger finger, one may experience “clicking” whenever the finger is bent or when straightened. When it gets locked in position, one may need to use the other hand to straighten the bent finger.

The painful condition usually occurs in your ring finger, little finger, and your thumb; however, it may not always stay limited to only one finger. So, it is always better to use the surgical treatment or the home remedies for trigger finger to eliminate the threat of trigger finger.

So what does it really look like? And why is it called “trigger finger”?

Imagine yourself holding a gun in your hand, and you’re just about to press the trigger. Now hold up your finger in that position and observe. You’ll see it is bent in a certain way. This is what trigger finger looks like, and how the condition got its name.

So no, trigger finger is not related to guns. Rather, it is a severely painful condition caused by inflammation of the tendon sheath that causes a digit to get locked in a position, bent toward the palm that looks like a finger on a trigger.

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