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Best Trigger Finger Treatment

What Causes Trigger Finger? What is the Best Trigger Finger Treatment?

Overview of Trigger Finger 

Trigger Finger is a form of tendon inflammation that prevents the tendon from shifting easily in the tendon sheath, resulting in the triggering of the finger. It starts snapping to flex making the finger fixed in a flexed position.

What are the Causes? 

The cause of trigger finger is the inflammation of tendons which results in bending of the finger. The inflammation causes swelling in the tendon and leads to the formation of a nodule on the tendon. Ultimately, the tendon becomes too thick to skid easily in the tendon sheath and got affix in the tendon sheath. This results in snapping when the bent finger is extended to straighten. In severe cases, the finger becomes stuck in a bent position.

What are the risk factors? 

Trigger Finger includes various risk factors. Some of them are described as follows!

  • Those who are involved in pressure causing activities including gripping of objects or operating vibrating machinery have a high risk of having trigger finger condition
  • Repetitive hand activities that cause flex to the affected finger multiple time
  • Women are more exposed to having this condition as they are more involved in hand activities
  • Some health conditions like diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis are also considered responsible for the trigger finger condition

Symptoms of Trigger Finger

Since the trigger finger condition is not an issue of concern in most of the cases, people don’t prefer to go for trigger finger treatment. However, the symptoms severe as the problem worsen and can be recognized by the described signs!

  • A person may feel finger pain extending from the base to the tip of the finger
  • The inflexibility of the affected finger, specifically in the morning
  • Formation of a lump in the palm
  • Snapping, popping, or clicking sensation with the bending or straightening of the finger
  • Your finger may get locked in a flexed position and the inability to fully bend the finger

Diagnosis and Treatment 

The condition is diagnosed based on your symptoms related to pain and sticking of the finger. Your health professional will do a hand examination to analyze the condition and further suggest trigger finger treatment.

In case of mild symptoms, resting is the best therapy you can do for the cure. Some other home remedies for trigger finger include gentle massage, finger stretching exercise, hot & cold therapy can help to provide relief from mild symptoms. You can even go for injections to reduce the swelling and inflammation and quick relief of the symptoms. In case the other treatment fails to provide relief, surgery is suggested to open the tendon area. However, this treatment is not opted by every patient due to risks and complications involved.

Trigger Finger Wand and Tape

A new non-surgical treatment for trigger finger is introduced to reduce the pain, discomfort, catching, and locking of the trigger finger or thumb. Designed as an inexpensive alternative to surgery, Trigger Finger Wand is the new, easy, and economic approach for the cure.

Following a completely natural approach, you don’t have to worry about any risks or side-effects while using the device and will get a scar-free treatment. Even a beginner can use it very easily at home and even reuse it for multiple fingers. By taking a modern and effective approach, you can safely reduce the swelling in the tendon sheaths. A perfect solution for the trigger finger treatment without surgery available online at a very reasonable rate!

Trigger Finger Tape

Describing the features of Trigger Finger tape, it is the best non-surgical treatment for the trigger finger of its kind. You can apply the tape and wear it all day to cure the symptoms of trigger finger. How it works is by holding the finger in place and ultimately avoiding the excessive use of tendons or further inflammation. Easy to apply, you can use it to secure the finger in an extended position providing comfort and moderating any pain or discomfort while doing daily activities.

Trigger Finger Wand and Trigger Finger tape is the new home treatment introduced to provide a safe cure to the symptoms associated with the trigger finger at a very normal range. Easy to use, follows natural approach and provides relief from the symptoms of trigger finger without any significant side-effects or scars! Try this new non-surgical treatment for trigger finger if you are looking for a complete home cure!

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