Trigger finger surgery

What are the risks of trigger finger surgery?

If you are a victim of a trigger finger, medically known as stenosing tenosynovitis, you might be aware of the trouble and pain it generally causes. Your finger or thumb gets stuck in a bent position and causes pain with or without the hand movement. Additionally, you will not be able to do daily activities that involve hand movement or gripping actions.

Flexor tendons in the finger are activated by the muscles to pull on the finger bones, allowing the fingers to bend and flex. While going through the condition and trigger finger treatment, surgery is the most recommended option. It is performed to increase the space for the flexor tendon to move easily. As a result, the finger can be straightened and bent without any pain.

Who are the good aspirants for surgery?

Surgery should be chosen according to the patient’s severe symptoms and when the other natural remedies for trigger finger fail to cure the condition. Describing the non-surgical treatments, it includes resting of the hand for a few weeks, wearing a splint to keep the affected finger in a straight position, or taking the over-the-counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines. You can also go for steroid injections to reduce the inflammation of tendon sheaths, which is a very common treatment due to its effective results, but not for diabetic patients.

Surgery is then recommended as trigger finger treatment to the diabetic patients or who have symptoms such as restricted finger or hand movement, pain in the finger or thumb, difficulty in doing daily activities or tasks, a depressing condition over the time while dropping or picking up the things.

Overview of Surgical Procedure

There are two types of surgery process available for the condition – open and percutaneous release. Though the recovery period is very short and you will be able to move the affected finger on the day of the surgery after the apathy fades and get a full range of motion. The patient may have to wear a bandage on the finger and need to keep the wound dry for a few days. Also, you may feel the ache in the finger and palm for a few days post-surgery. Surgery will likely cure the problem and restores the full movement of the finger or thumb of the patient.

Complications Involved in the Surgical Procedure

Though the surgical process is safe to go with, there are some common complications related to surgery include infection, nerve injury, and bleeding. Also, the list of complications may include nerve damage, bowstringing, persistent triggering, steady triggering, and partial extension. You need to pay high costs for getting the trigger finger treated. In severe cases, surgery may not be able to straighten the finger and thus patient has to go for other treatment options.

Try New Home Treatment for Trigger Finger!

No worry as there is an inexpensive alternative to surgery available in the market. Trigger Finger Wand is a magical device launched to reduce the pain, discomfort, catching and locking of trigger finger naturally. It is a new, safe, and effective trigger finger treatment that gives you the ease of using it at your home. Designed with a completely natural approach, it has gained recognition as one of the best home remedies for the trigger finger.

Trigger Finger Wand is a quick and painless solution for the condition and very effective in restoring the movement of the hand. If you are at the earlier stages of the trigger finger, this device is a must-try! Affordable price, ease of use, and portable feature make it the best choice among patients.

Trigger Finger Tape

Trigger Finger tape is the best home treatment for trigger finger which cures the symptoms associated with the trigger finger. It acts as a second skin that holds the finger in a place to avoid the extreme use of tendons and further inflammation. Both Trigger Finger Wand and tape are the perfect solution that does not cause any side-effects and deliver a scar-free treatment.  Just a 20-30 minute of a session provides relief from the trigger finger condition and it is reusable for multiple fingers as well.

This home treatment is one of its kind and gaining huge popularity among patients who do not want to go for surgical procedures. You will soon be able to get a range of motion with these natural remedies for the trigger finger. You will be never going out of the budget with this home treatment for trigger finger and can be purchased online. Give it a try and you will be amazed by the quick and effective results without any complication or risks like surgery!

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