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Trigger Finger Treatment

What are the risk factors of Trigger Finger?

What actually a Trigger Finger is?

The trigger Finger is also known as stenosing tenosynovitis in medical terms, which makes the movement of the finger or thumb of a person difficult to move. In simple words, the finger gets stuck into a bent position and snaps or pops into a straight position when tried to move.

How the finger’s movement is affected is due to swelling or inflammation in the tendon sheath making the smooth gliding of the tendon difficult.

How will one identify the existence of a trigger finger?

Trigger Finger shows some early signs that include:

  • Pain at the base of that finger
  • A knot formed at the  base of the finger on the palm side
  • Catching or snapping sensation with finger movement

What are the causes? Is there any risk factor involved?

Though there is no specific age of trigger finger occurrence, people of age above 45 have more risks and are prone to the condition, especially women.

The actual cause of trigger finger is not known, but it has been analyzed that it is more common in people who:

  • Have a record of an underlying medical condition like rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes
  • A person who is involved in the excessive gripping activities
  • Had recently gone through carpal tunnel syndrome surgery

What are the treatment options?

What is the need of treatment? For some specific reasons!

The condition and the pain can alter the daily activities of a person. Also the condition can cause further harm to the tendon if left untreated for a long time. The treatment of the trigger finger depends on the intensity of the symptoms of the condition. There are some trigger finger treatment home remedies that are proven to be effective in providing relief from the pain or trouble.

Some of the treatments are as follows!

  • Giving rest to the hand
  • A splint, brace or tape can be used to restrict the finger movement
  • A patient can also go for anti-inflammatory medication to get pain relief
  • Lifestyle changes are recommended
  • Finger stretching exercises for the flexibility

The patient may also get advice to try a steroid injection to reduce the swelling in the tendon sheath. In case your condition is severe and the home remedies fail to provide relief to the condition, surgery is the next option suggested which includes small cut in the tendon sheath.

Is there any trigger finger treatment without surgery available?

None of us would prefer to bear the pain and troubles of surgery! People, that is why, now heading towards the natural cure for the relief.

Fortunately, there is an inexpensive alternative to surgery available!

A new device – Trigger Finger Wand is a new non-surgical treatment for trigger finger now introduced in the health care industry, specifically for the patients who want an escape of surgery. Trigger Finger Wand and Trigger Finger Tape is specially designed to reduce the pain, discomfort, catching and locking associated with the bothersome condition. The major benefit of this device is that you can use it by yourself without worrying about any significant side-effects.

What makes Trigger Finger Wand a great option?

Offering the patients an escape from the surgery, the wand is considered as a new, effective, and affordable approach to get the finger therapy at home. No need to go for doctor’s visits and choose a completely natural approach. Very simple to use and deliver effective results when complemented with Trigger Finger Tape and jelly. By choosing this magical device, you will get a natural and scar-free treatment!

What makes the new product a best trigger finger treatment at home is its natural approach and reusable feature for multiple fingers. You can use it again and again in the future, so it is a long term treatment investment. It offers a precise, safe, and effective ultrasound frequency in addition to a strong, safe and efficient far-infrared heat frequency. With its regular use, it typically results in a reduction of swelling in the tendon sheaths and allows the tendons to move freely. Ultimately, the range of motion in the affected joint gets improved!

Buy Trigger Finger Wand!

The health care industry is now using the modern techniques for the cure of illness, and keeps on launching magical devices as a home treatment so that patients don’t have to face the sufferings of surgical procedure. Trigger Finger Wand is one of its kinds introduced to provide a safe and painless non-surgical treatment for trigger finger. Moreover, the price of Trigger Finger Wand is very affordable and does not go out of your budget!

Buy Trigger Finger Wand to get rid of symptoms associated with Trigger Finger in a completely safe way!

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