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What are the common questions about Trigger Finger?

What are the common questions about Trigger Finger?

Trigger Finger or Stenosing Tenosynovitis is a painful condition that causes a finger or thumb to lock in a bent position when trying to straighten it, causing pain or inflexibility to the affected finger. Though it is believed that the condition can affect the ring finger or thumb, but there may be the case that other fingers may also get affected.

If you are involved in the activities that require repeated gripping of fingers or have such work or hobby, there are high chances of getting a trigger finger. Also, women are more likely to experience the condition as they are more involved in household chores. Also, there are some health conditions responsible for trigger finger, like diabetes, gout, or rheumatoid arthritis.

People who generally experience such conditions may have many queries related to trigger fingers. Here are some of them explained!

  • What is going to happen if the condition of the trigger finger does not get treated?

Many of the patients wonder if there is any need for trigger finger treatment. Though it is not harmful, however in the absence of a cure, the affected finger may get permanently bent. As a result, the person would feel difficulty in doing daily activities. Moreover, there is a risk of the condition affecting other fingers in the future, along with the affected finger.

  • Is there any truth in the self-healing of the trigger finger?

Before going through any treatment for trigger thumb, patients have a query if the trigger finger can heal on its own. The answer is yes, only if it occurs suddenly after performing any particular activity. It disappears as soon as you avoid that particular activity and give appropriate rest to your hands for days. Taking anti-inflammatory drugs and avoiding the bending of fingers can help during this period.

In case if the symptoms do not recede after weeks, it is now the time for a doctor’s consultation.

  • How the trigger finger can be treated at home?

    Who would like to go for surgeries as a cure option for such an inoffensive condition? You can try some effective home treatments instead, in case of mild symptoms.

  1. Giving rest to hand by avoiding repeated hand activities, at least for 4-6 weeks.
  2. You can use a brace or splint to give rest to hand and inhibit the motion.
  3. Applying heat and ice to the affected finger can help to slash the swelling.
  4. Finger stretching exercises can be performed to recoup range of motion. You can also soak your hands in warm water to relax the muscles.

All the above-mentioned methods can be considered as perfect trigger finger treatment carried out at home without following any medical procedure.

  • What is the best treatment for getting rid of the trigger finger?

Home treatments fail to work in case of severe symptoms of trigger finger. In those cases, steroid medications can be considered. Surgery is another option that can be considered for getting rid of the symptoms of trigger finger.

There is a non-surgical treatment for trigger finger introduced in the market that is a complete home treatment. A new, easy and affordable approach that is proven to be effective in typically reducing the pain, discomfort, catching, and locking of the finger. The ease of using this wand makes it a preferred choice among the patients and is gaining huge popularity in the health care industry. Offering an inexpensive alternative to surgery, Trigger Finger Wand is considered as the trigger finger treatment without surgery leaving no scars to the body.

  •   What is the recovery time?

The surgery process takes a few days to recover from the symptoms or condition, but may also extends to several weeks. In case of steroid injections, it generally takes few weeks before the swelling and pain are reduced and finger is able to move again.

However, you can get the quick and effective result of the symptoms of trigger finger with regular use of Trigger Finger Wand complimented with Trigger Finger tape. No side-effects and very easy to apply or rub to the affected area. You will be able to see the results with this non-surgical treatment of trigger finger.

Hope all of your doubts are cleared in this article! If you feel any kind of symptoms of trigger finger, visit your health professional to know the status of condition. The treatment for trigger thumb or finger will be suggested according to the situation of the condition.  The choice of treatment, however, depends on you, whether you want to face the suffering of surgical process or want a natural approach.

Try this safe, painless and affordable approach once, the results will amaze you! Order your Trigger Finger Wand online today!

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