Home Treatments for Trigger Finger

Try Some Best Home Remedies for Trigger Finger Treatment

If you are suffering from a trigger finger, you know that getting it treated is an absolute must. As a matter of fact, you need to get your trigger finger treated as quickly as you possibly can to avoid any long-term damage. When the trigger finger goes untreated, it may result in the affected finger becoming stuck in a straight or bent position. The finger being stuck can make tasks an impossibility. Once the finger is stuck in a bent or straightened position, the only solution is to have an operation to release the trapped tendon; this can be painful and leave the patient with several side effects. The good news is that there are home remedies for trigger finger treatments; here is a list for you to take a look at:

Trigger Finger Wand: The Trigger Finger wand will use the latest technology to release the tendon naturally. The ultrasound and far infrared technology penetrate the skin allowing the tendon sheath to be relieved and easing the inflammation. To be most effective, the hand should be primed with the Trigger Finger Jelly to enable the wand’s ease of movement. Once the wand has been used to massage the affected area, the Trigger Finger tape should be applied. The tape will provide the affected finger with the support that it needs while keeping it stationary, allowing rest. Unlike many other supports, the Trigger Finger tape can be worn all day long as it is waterproof while allowing the finger the freedom of movement that it needs. The tape will encourage blood flow, which will aid in speedier recovery from the condition.

Splint or Brace: Doctors may prescribe a patient with a splint or brace to help in the treatment of a trigger finger. They are designed to keep the affected finger in a stationary position, which stops the condition from worsening. Trigger fingers are caused by the tendon sheath becoming inflamed because of repeated motions; the brace or splint will prevent the patient from making these motions. The problem with a splint or brace is that they will make using the hand extremely difficult. They are lethargic, cumbersome, and make the wearer clumsy. Not only that but the splint or brace applies additional pressure to the affected tendon sheath, which can be excruciatingly painful. Braces cannot get wet, so the patient may have to take off and put on the brace several times during the day. The Trigger Finger tape on this site is the ideal replacement or alternative to a splint or brace.

Steroid injection: Trigger finger sufferers will often decide to have a steroid injection. The steroid injections are very effective at relieving pain and easing inflammation. The problem is that these injections are only temporary, and the issue will return as soon as they wear off. In some instances, the patient may require more than one injection for them to be effective. A steroid injection can leave the patient with an infection at the needle entry site; also, they can be prone to bleeding.

Stretches and massages: Stretching out and massaging the affected finger can aid in the treatment of the trigger finger. The issue is that there may not be time to do this, or it may cause more pain to the patient. When massaging the affected hand, the pressure can make the condition worse; this is why using the Trigger Finger Wand to do the massage is recommended, as it will attack the issue at its source.

If you are looking for a non-surgical treatment, then this is the site for you. The three products provide you with the perfect remedy and come with no side effects.

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