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Trigger Finger Treatment

Trigger Finger Treatment in Detail

Trigger Finger is a condition that causes a person’s finger to get locked or catches in a bent position when tried to bend or straightened. Most of the people experience the stiffness in ring finger or thumb, but the condition can affect any of the fingers.

What causes Trigger Finger is the inflammation in or around the flexor tendons, which are responsible for moving fingers. In most of the cases, trigger finger causes due to the swelling of pulleys affecting the ability of finger to move flatly.

Read on to know the treatment options of Trigger Finger in detail and some of its causes and avoidance methods.

Non-Surgical Treatment 

While diagnosing the trigger finger, the doctor generally recommends non-surgical treatment for trigger finger to cure the condition. Various treatments can be tried at home with simple to use procedure!

Resting of hand 

One of the main causes of the trigger finger is the overuse of hand; the most basic treatment is resting the hand and finger. To reduce the symptoms of the condition and see the results, you need to rest this specific area to a few weeks.

Taking the over-the-counter medications

You can take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce the pain and inflammation of the condition.


Trigger Finger splint generally wraps around the palm and covers the lower portion of the affected finger. This natural cure for trigger finger allows a person to bend the top portion of the finger without moving the part closest to the palm.

Hand and Finger Exercise 

Doing hand and finger exercises can help in stretching and bolster the muscles around the tendons, reducing the pain and rigidity. Remember do not do over exercise and avoid in case any pain occurs.

Apply ice 

Apply an ice pack to the affected finger for a short duration of time on a routine basis can help in reducing the inflammation. Try to do it 3-5 times a day to get results

Use flexible tools 

You can place securing, soft-grip covers over the steering, power tools, bicycle handles to reduce the efforts of friction and possibly lessen the inflammation that causes trigger finger.

Steroid injections

Steroid injections can be injected around the tendon sheath in the affected finger. It can reduce the trigger finger pain and also limit the breakage of movement. Maybe one or more than one injections are required to treat the condition.

Surgical Treatment

In case of the failure of the above-mentioned non-surgical treatment for trigger finger options in curing the painful condition, surgery would be recommended by your doctor. Surgery is often suggested if the finger becomes permanent caught or bent out of position. Like other surgeries, this too involves an incision and needling process, to release the pulley.

It is conspicuous that open surgery reduces the extent of pain and other symptoms of the condition as compared to steroid injections. However, there is no testimony of getting long-term relief from the trigger finger with surgery. Additionally, surgery is associated with high risks making people go for the natural cure for trigger finger.

Trigger Finger Wand

Good news for all the patients looking for the surgery alternate!

A new device – Trigger Finger Wand is introduced in the healthcare industry as an inexpensive alternative to surgery. It is a new, easy, and economic approach to cure the trigger finger simply at your home. To reduce the pain, discomfort, catching, and locking of trigger finger, this device is proven to be helpful! Moreover, the swelling in the tendon sheaths gets reduced in a safe and painless way.

Benefits of using Trigger Finger Wand

In addition to offering trigger finger treatment without surgery with a completely natural approach, the wand has very easy to use process. Just a simple rub of 20 minutes can deliver effective results. Due to its natural approach, there are no significant side-effects and you will get a scar-free treatment. The price is very economic, at least less than those expensive surgeries.

Wait, there’s more! Trigger Finger Wand is reusable for multiple fingers again and again for years. The product is one of its kind and works great when complemented with Trigger Finger Wand that holds the finger in place and ultimately avoids the excessive use of tendons or further inflammation. Carry it wherever you like!

Bottom Lines

What more can you expect from a portable, simple to use device? Why it is considered as one of the best trigger finger treatment home remedies is because of its ease of use, even by a beginner, affordable approach, and can be used simply at home, providing an escape to the doctor’s consultation.

Order Trigger Finger Wand online for the tendons to move freely and improve the range of motion in the affected joints. Use it with the use of Trigger Finger Tape and basic exercises for the best results!

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