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Trigger Finger Treatment

Top Basic Questions about Trigger Finger & Its Treatment

Trigger Finger is one of the most common conditions that is seen among hand surgeons. In this condition, a person’s finger gets locked up in a bent position when they try to hold something or work with their hands. Several patients experience trigger fingers daily in the office or at home.

People suffering from the condition often have several questions regarding the disease. This article will try to cover up some of the most common questions people ask their health providers.

How is Trigger Finger Explained?

Trigger Finger is generally defined as the swollen tendon along the finger’s palm side causing pain and restricts the finger from bending and straightening normally and smoothly. When the tendons, which bends or flex gets swollen, it becomes difficult for them to pass evenly through the loops. During the early stages, the patient may feel pain along with the finger or a delicate clicking sensation when the finger is bent.

In severe cases, the finger gets stuck or locked into a bent or straightened position. A patient may feel the need for another hand to get the finger into a straight position again. A painful condition for the patients.

What Causes Trigger Finger?

The straight answer to this question given by most health professionals is we don’t know what causes trigger finger to occur. In some cases, its occurrence can be related to the stretch injury to the finger while the other can be due to an overuse period of fingers. Moreover, trigger finger is more common in diabetic patients. The trigger finger treatment is however not required in every case.

Is Trigger Finger Permanent? 

Not really. Trigger Finger treatment is surely possible and the patient’s finger easily returns to normal, but will require some time. A good thing as there are many diseases which can’t be get treated. Once treated, the trigger finger generally leaves no trace that it was ever there at some point.

How Trigger Finger Can be Treated?

Mild cases of trigger fingers can be treated with some simple remedies like rest or avoiding activities that can lead to triggering of the finger. A patient can also use the splint that holds the finger into a straight position, specifically during the night.

Some anti-inflammatories can also work to shrink down the swollen tendon. These can be either taken orally or in the form of injections by the patients. Another non-surgical treatment for trigger fingers is steroid injections to get rid of pain and triggering. You may need more than one attempt of steroid injections as each one has around a 60% of chance curing the condition.

In case the other treatments fail to work, a surgical procedure is the next recommended option. This is done by making an incision in the palm and is highly effective in eliminating the triggering immediately.

Recovery From Trigger Finger Surgery

Once you undergo a surgical procedure, the recovery may take from few weeks to six months. A patient also gets advised for physical therapy exercises to comfort the post-surgery stiffness. Post the tendon sheath release, tendons will be able to move freely. You can resume your normal activities within few days post-surgery.

What if Trigger Finger Doesn’t Get Treated? 

Sometimes, there is a size mismatch occurs between the swollen tendon and the tight tunnel that can forbid any motion and make the finger locked. You can relate this with an attempt to passing a belt buckle through the belt loops on your pants. The locked trigger finger couldn’t able to bend or straighten finger. In such cases, surgery is the recommended option by health professionals to restore the finger’s motion.

Who are at High Risks of Trigger Finger?

Women are more prone to the condition than men and occur mostly in the middle-age, i.e between 40-60 years. Below are some factors that increase the chances of developing a trigger finger in a patient.

  • Diabetes
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Repetitive activities causing strain to hand

The trigger finger cases are more observed in musicians, farmers, and industrial workers.

Trigger Finger Treatment Without Surgery

Who would like to face pain & discomfort caused by a trigger finger? It can annoy and irritate you! Go for trigger finger treatment without surgery with safe options available.

Getting a natural cure for the trigger finger without bearing the pain and suffering of surgery is now simple and effective. In addition to the above-mentioned home remedies, you can follow heat or ice therapy, stretching exercises to relax the tendons.

You can give a try to the new non-surgical treatment for trigger finger for a home cure to the condition. Trigger Finger Wand offers a natural treatment in reducing the pain, discomfort, catching, and locking of the finger. Very simple to use, the product is completely safe to use and offers scar-free treatment. Shop the wand online to get rid of problems associated with the trigger finger.

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