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Stuck Finger Blues: Understanding Reason for The Trigger Finger

Reason for The Trigger Finger

Have you ever woken up with a finger bent at an awkward angle, refusing to straighten without the painful “pop”? Trigger finger, an irritating condition, can disrupt daily tasks and ensnare you—a troublesome predicament. However, let’s know the reason for the trigger finger and also understand why the trigger finger occurs. 

Let’s get into the perpetrators of this condition and look at remedies to ensure that your fingers will be firing off in no time.

Problem: The Creaky Culprit – Inflammation and Friction

Think of your hands as complicated machines, with tendons acting like cables and pulleys controlling the movement of your fingers. In trigger finger, this intricate system meets an obstacle. Some tendons bend your fingers and these sheathe in protective coverings. However, when these sheaths get inflamed or thickened the smooth movement of tendons is disturbed. This friction puts a catch on your finger, which causes it to bend or pop open with an agonizing snap.

The Usual Suspects:

  • Repetitive Strain: Repeated hand movements in work or hobbies, like grasping or pinching, can inflame tendons, leading to the trigger finger. Consider musicians, mechanics, and gardeners, even gamers who play for hours with a grip on controllers.
  • Medical Conditions: Medical issues like diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and gout can cause significant inflammation, impacting hand tendons as well.
  • Age: Trigger finger is more common in individuals over 40, possibly due to age-related wear and tear.

Problem Solved: Unlocking Your Finger’s Potential

Luckily, several alternatives can help you get rid of your finger from its trigger grip. The best method will vary based on the severity of your condition and you. Let’s explore the solutions:

Conservative Measures:

  • Rest and Splinting: Modify activities to prevent repetition and immobilize the affected finger with a splint to reduce inflammation.
  • Anti-inflammatory Medications: There are over-the-counter painkillers like ibuprofen which can help manage the painful symptoms and inflammation.
  • Steroid Injections: A cortisone injection into the inflamed tendon sheath quickly relieves pain and improves functionality. However, repeated injections are not advised due to possible side effects.

More Definitive Measures:

  • Surgery: If conservative measures do not work, a minimally invasive surgery called trigger finger release can permanently open the tendon sheath for pain-free movement. Doctors usually perform this procedure under local anesthesia, achieving a high success rate.

Prevention is Key:

  • While certain risk factors like age and medical conditions are beyond our control, there are steps you can take to minimize your chances of developing a trigger finger. For instance, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and avoiding repetitive hand movements can significantly reduce the likelihood of encountering this condition.
  • Warm-up and stretch: Before performing activities that strain your hands, warm up with mild stretches and exercises to improve flexibility and blood flow.
  • Take breaks: Do not use your hands for a long time continuously. Take periodic breaks to rest your fingers.
  • Maintain good posture: Correct posture distributes weight evenly throughout your body, reducing pressure on your hand and wrist.
  • Listen to your body: Observe symptoms of pain or discomfort in your hands. Additionally, if you have symptoms suggestive of a trigger finger, seek early medical attention for timely diagnosis and management.

The Bottom Line

Please consult with your healthcare provider for any concerns you may have about the reason for the Trigger Finger or other hand-related conditions. provides a natural and non-surgical treatment for trigger fingers as an alternative to traditional medical procedures such as surgery or medication use. The website advertises the Trigger Finger Wand as being the best home treatment option for trigger fingers. Moreover, the website emphasizes such advantages of Trigger Finger Tape as a reduction in overuse and inflammation due to holding down the affected finger. The treatment is aimed at enhancing comfort and minimizing pain while performing activities of daily living. 

The website provides information on the reason for the trigger finger. Moreover, it offers alternative natural and non-invasive treatments that provide a cost-effective solution to individuals seeking an option for managing trigger fingers without the need for surgery or invasive procedures. The Trigger Finger Wand uses ultrasound and far-infrared radiation to reduce inflammation in the sheaths of the tendon, thereby enabling free movement of the said tendon thus eliminating the popping sensation associated with the finger. The Wand is a non-surgical method of treating trigger finger and since it does not involve any incisions, there are no scars. The Trigger Finger Tape is used to slightly relax and straighten the finger, avoiding chronic locking. The site also gives details on the cause, signs, and symptoms as well as prevention of trigger fingers which shed light on this condition.

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