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If you suffer from Trigger Finger, you likely suffer from pain and discomfort. Your fingers may also stick, catch, or lock.

The Trigger Finger Wand has proven to be a quick and inexpensive solution for Trigger Finger and it can easily be used at home. It is effective in restoring movement of your hand and may even delay the need for surgery. It is especially effective in the earlier stages of Trigger Finger.

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– Using the Trigger Finger Wand and following up with wearing of Trigger finger tape can provide a comfortable and consistent encouragement to the finger ligament and helps gently restore a comfortable range of motion.
– It’s easy, cost effective and quickly allows for increased use your hand. You can use the Trigger Finger Wand at home and the tape is easy to apply yourself.
– It’s a simple solution that incorporates ultrasound and far-infrared technology. The Trigger Finger Wand can often reduce tenderness and locking of the finger. It may even delay the need for surgery.
– Even better, the results are quick and it costs less than the average doctors visit.

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Rated 4.20 out of 5 stars
5 reviews
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5 reviews for Trigger Finger Wand

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    I’m on your site and there are No reviews

  2. 5 out of 5

    Best Treatment Options for Trigger Finger A few months ago I was in trouble with my finger locking. Trust me, and I got unbelievable results after using the trigger finger wand and trigger finger tape. After every session, I got a tremendous change in my finger. For a while, I was using Kinesio tape but it kept slipping. The trigger finger tape will not slip, it stays in place for days. The best thing t is that the whole procedure was painless.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Best Trigger Finger Product I am from Canada and bought the Tigger Finger Wand even though he shipping cost was a little high. I am a single mother, and I have triplets, plus I have an issue of trigger finger; it makes my trouble double. Sometimes my finger really hurt a lot. I tried the trigger finger wand and it really helps after about 10 minutes of use. I wear the tape all day. If I wear the tape at night, my finger doesn’t hurt as much in the morning. Within just 15 days of usage, I have found a massive change in my finger!

  4. 5 out of 5

    I am a happy and satisfied customer for this fantastic product. The trigger finger wand and trigger finger tape are the best at home trigger finger treatment I have found. This wand and tape are easy to use, and inexpensive. The wand helps to reduce the inflammation and give space to the tendon to pass through the sheath easier without getting stuck. And the tape helps to support the finger and bring it to a straightened position. First, you used the wand for 15 minutes, and then the next step is to put the tape on. It works!

  5. 5 out of 5

    Hi.. Isabella here, I had a trigger finger that inhibited me from most of the activities, and most of the time, I felt severe pain in my finger, ESPECIALLY in the morning. My doctor recommended that I look into surgery, and to be very honest, I was scared about the surgery and I did not want to do it. I decided to use the Trigger Finger Wand and tape and in just in a month, and I felt a significant change in my finger. This is the best alternative treatment of surgery out there.

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