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Trigger Finger Tape (For Three)

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Suffering from trigger finger problems? The painful condition can make you feel annoyed and restrict the efficiency of doing daily chores. Not anymore as a new approach is available that will let you function more, get the work done better vanishes the pain altogether.

Buy a pack of 3!

Buy Trigger Finger Tape, pack of three online at a very reasonable rate! Considered the best at-home treatment method, it will hold the finger in place to avoid the excessive use of tendons and further inflammation.

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How to Use Trigger Finger Tape?

Trigger Finger tape is typically applied after washing and drying your hand following a treatment session of Trigger Finger Wand.  Trigger Finger Tape can be used throughout the day and even overnight to help with “morning catching”.

Features of Trigger Finger Tape

  • Trigger Finger Tape can be worn all day from the troubled finger to the wrist.
  • The tape allows free movement of the finger and improved the chances of remedy without surgery.
  • Trigger Finger Tape secures the finger in an extended position, while allowing it to bend freely to provide comfort and reduce pain or spasms while performing daily activities.
  • It effectively and gently encourages your finger to open and extend without interfering with your ability to close your hand into a fist.

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  1. Denny

    A few months ago I was in trouble with my finger locking. Trust me, and I got unbelievable results after using the trigger finger wand and trigger finger tape. After every session, I got a tremendous change in my finger. For a while, I was using Kinesio tape but it kept slipping.

    The trigger finger tape will not slip, it stays in place for days. The best thing t is that the whole procedure was painless.

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  2. Alexandre

    If you’ve had trigger finger problems, you’ll know how painful this condition can be. It makes such a difference if you don’t allow your finger to fold down all the way, therefore no need to “pop” your finger back out straight. My physical therapist suggested wrapping the joint with splint to help. I’ve done this for months; however, the splints were uncomfortable and not practical.

    I recently happened on this tape, and I felt the difference immediately. I can function more, get work done better, plus the pain has drastically reduced. It’s also cheap and really easy to use.

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