0 thoughts on “Trigger Finger Jelly

  1. If you’ve had trigger finger problems, you’ll know how painful this condition can be. It makes such a difference if you don’t allow your finger to fold down all the way, therefore no need to “pop” your finger back out straight. My physical therapist suggested wrapping the joint with splint to help. I’ve done this for months; however, the splints were uncomfortable and not practical.

    I recently happened on this tape, and I felt the difference immediately. I can function more, get work done better, plus the pain has drastically reduced. It’s also cheap and really easy to use.

  2. This thing has given me so much relief. I have trigger thumb, and this tape has helped me so much. It’s comfortable, easy to put on, and take off and gives me the exact support I need. The price is nice, too. As another user stated, I would have to agree that it’s a real catch for its price.

    My biggest problem was in the morning, my thumb would just catch on and off for hours. I sleep in the tape and I use the trigger finger wand in the morning for about 10 minutes. That’s it, my problem is much better now. A mixture of colours would be nice, other than that, I am absolutely tickled with this product.

  3. I don’t need surgery now!! I used the trigger finger wand and the trigger finger tape every morning for about a month. I am almost fully recovered from my trigger finger symptoms. It relieved the painful tension in my tendons, helped with the aches, and no more locking! I also found it very comfortable while using and easy to apply.

    Has been a great purchase, I sleep with it onevery night as it’s are that comfortable and very helpful. My fingers are much better, my life is much better, and the anxiety I used to experience has drastically reduced without any form of medication. I highly recommend it.

  4. This trigger finger tape works perfectly for me. It keeps my finger from painful flex, yet I have no problem at the keyboard. I work at least 10 hours every day on my computer; however, I developed trigger finger symptoms and began to struggle a lot with work. I couldn’t sit and function for long stretches, and this affected me in every way possible.

    Things have improved considerably ever since I started using this tape. In addition to working effectively at my computer, I can now easily lift and move heavy objects, even opening a bottle is easier for me now.