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Home Treatment for Trigger Finger

Knowing Symptoms & Possible Home Treatment for Trigger Finger

Medically known as stenosing tenosynovitis, a trigger finger is a condition that forces the finger to stay in a bent position, making it difficult to straighten it. The reason for its occurrence is the inflammation of the tendon and the tendon sheath restricts the finger movement. Thus, the finger gets stuck in a bent position and straightened with a snapping sound, similar to trigger gun release. More than one finger of a person may also get affected by the condition and you have to go for trigger finger treatment when the pain persists for a longer duration.

How will it get recognized by you? The signs & symptoms do vary for every person. Learn how you can identify the occurrence of trigger fingers and whether you are affected by the condition or not.

Observing the Early Symptoms 

  1. The existence of a trigger finger is observed if a person experiences pain at the finger base or over the palm when the finger tries to get extended. There can be pain during the flexing of the finger due to the inability of the tendon to slide back due to inflammation. The dominant hand is more exposed to the condition, specifically the thumb, middle, and ring finger.
  2. A popping or snapping sensation when the affected finger is extended or moved. This is because the inflamed tendon gets pulled through a narrowed tendon sheath.
  3. A patient may feel stiffness, that gets worse in the morning. This can be due to the lack of cortisol at night to neutralize substances causing inflammation.
  4. There can be a bump or swelling at the affected finger base. This is due to the swelling that makes the tendon clustered into a hard knit.

Late Symptoms 

  1. During late symptoms when the inflammation gets worse, it will become hard for the finger to fully extend and another hand is required to straighten it. Some patients also experience the pop from time to time.
  2. A nodule can also be observed there which is a knot in the tendon lining. The location will be on the palm side at the affected finger’s base.
  3. In case you witness any indication of infection, consulting the doctor is suggested. The basic natural treatment for trigger fingers involves proper rest of the hand for few weeks that can clear up the condition. Leaving the infection untreated can be dangerous.

Risk Factors

  1. People with hobbies or work involving repeated hand/finger movements are more prone to the condition. When you constantly grip a thing with forceful finger use, this can cause trauma to finger digits.
  2. If you are into your middle-age, you are more likely to develop the condition. This is because they spent more time using their hands and have more chances than young people.
  3. Diabetes provokes the trigger finger condition and those with diabetes have high chances of getting trigger fingers. If you have diabetes and develop a trigger finger, it can be a symbol of other diabetic complications.
  4. Knowing what conditions increase the risk of developing a trigger finger you need to be diligent about the symptoms of the oncoming condition. Diseases like gout, thyroid issues, carpal tunnel syndrome increase the chances of developing the condition.
  5. Researchers have proven that women are more likely to suffer from the condition as they are more involved in hand/finger activities. Though the reason for why is not clear!


  1. Get a consultation from your doctor to diagnose the condition. Your medical history and physical exam will be performed for the condition to be analyzed.
  2. A good suggestion is to be clear and detailed with all your symptoms, history, and medical during your visit.  This would definitely contribute to accurate diagnosis and to know if any home treatment for trigger finger could work.
  3. Keep in mind that not any X-ray or laboratory test is required to examine the condition. It is only required if the patient has any history of trauma or inflammatory disease.


  1. In mild cases, natural treatment for the trigger finger can be adopted that can cure the condition.
  2. Surgery is recommended when the condition is severe. Your health professional is always the best person to guide you accordingly.

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