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non-surgical treatment for trigger finger

Is There Any Trigger Finger Treatment Without Surgery?


Trigger finger situation results in the gradual pain, clicking, catching, and locking of the finger or thumb! It occurs when the flexor tendons become inflamed and begin to swell. As a result, you may find a nodule that makes it difficult for the joint to get straight or bent. While the expansion of the tendon, the finger or thumb becomes instantly stuck and then quickly pops out into extension. Medically known as stenosing tenosynovitis, it makes the finger or thumb difficult to move flatly and get stuck in a bent position. So, you need either a surgical or trigger finger treatment without surgery.

What are the causes and risk factors?

There is no specific age for its occurrence. It is more likely to be seen in middle age people, specifically in women. The actual cause of trigger finger condition is not known to date. But certain factors claim its existence.

  • Trigger Finger is more likely to occur in patients who have a medical condition such as diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis
  • You are more exposed to the condition if involved in activities involving overuse of hand or repetitive gripping
  • Any traumatic injury may also lead to trigger finger occurrence. In case you recently had carpal tunnel syndrome surgery, there are risks of getting trigger fingers.

You can get rid of this painful situation by using the home treatment for trigger fingers.

There are several home remedies and treatment options available in the market that allow you to get the on-time treatment for a trigger finger.

What are the signs and symptoms? 

Some of the common symptoms observed by the patients of trigger finger are as follows!

  • Swelling
  • A person may feel pain at the base of the finger
  • You may get a tender lump at the base of the finger on the palm side
  • The feeling of popping or catching in the finger joints
  • Catching or snapping sensation with movement of the finger
  • Inflexibility in the fingers can be observed after extended inactivity

Treatment Options 

Either you have mild or severe symptoms, treatment is available. For mild cases, just giving rest to the fingers for a few weeks and avoiding the overuse of hands can provide relief as an effective trigger finger treatment. These symptoms vanished after a few weeks after using the home treatment for trigger finger! You can also go for the massage, hand or finger exercises, heat, and working range of motion of the digit.

Have a look at other diagnoses and treatment options!

  • A splint, brace, or tape to restrict the movement of the finger
  • You can go with anti-inflammatory medication to reduce pain
  • Steroid injections in severe cases are recommended by doctors to reduce the swelling in the tendon sheath

In case the treatments fail to provide relief, surgery is the option a patient needs to go for! Surgery helps in relieving pain and restoring the function of the affected finger or thumb. The recovery process of surgery as trigger finger treatment takes about 2 weeks!

Trigger Finger Wand – A New Natural Approach

Zeta technology group had introduced a non-surgical treatment for trigger finger in the market so that the patients don’t have to bear the sufferings of surgical procedures. Designed with a completely natural approach, Trigger Finger Wand offers a safe and painless treatment for the symptoms associated with the condition. This new and easy approach to Trigger Finger works as a home treatment and anatural treatment for a trigger finger.

Describing the benefits of this device, it offers trigger finger treatment without surgery. You can take this new and effective approach to reduce the swelling in the tendon sheaths, effectively and painlessly. It is proven to be a quick, effective, and inexpensive solution for Trigger Finger that can be easily used at home. No side effects and no scars at all! The modern approach helps in restoring hand movement and even delays the need for surgery. It is suggested to use this wand at the earlier stages of Trigger Finger, for best results of course!

Why go for trigger finger treatment without surgery 

Though the results of the surgery are quite good it comes with a price. Also, not every patient wishes to have surgery as a preferred option. Trigger Finger Wand is a blessing to those looking for an escape from the surgical procedure. Affordable price, natural approach, and easy-to-use trigger finger treatment at home!

A cost-effective solution that assimilates ultrasound and far-infrared technology and reduces tenderness and locking of the finger. Offering quick results with 30 minutes of the session, the device is portable and can be carried easily. Also, you can reuse this wand for multiple fingers again and again in the future. It is one of its kind launched in the health care industry as a non-surgical treatment for a trigger finger and is worthy of its price with great benefits.

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