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Trigger finger treatment at home

Is it Safe to Get Trigger finger treatment at home?

When your finger or thumb joints get bitterly locked in a bent position, or produce a popping sensation during the joint flexes, this can be a symptom of the trigger finger. While there are different trigger finger treatment options available for a patient from injections to surgery, some other options like splinting also expedites the healing of the tendon. Which treatment works for the patient will be simplified post the diagnosis.

Confirm trigger finger treatment

The symptom observed in the form of a cracking or popping sound when the finger or thumb gets extended can be staked as a trigger finger. Go for the diagnosis to get assurance, specifically if you are experiencing it the first time. Some of the possibilities include the following factors:

  • Your fingers may get extended and bend away by the way of tendons. The inflamed tendon sheath can narrow and cause the tendon to be caught in a place. This can result in the locking, popping, and crackling sensation of the trigger finger.
  • Women of middle age or people with health conditions like diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis are more apt to the condition. If you are likely involved in hand gripping actions, the chances are high too.
  • Sometimes, the condition of a fracture or dislocation can also be misinterpreted as a trigger finger. Thus, it is requisite to go to the doctor to get the condition diagnosed. The severity of the condition will be investigated following the conventional treatment

Discussing the treatment options 

The treatment for trigger finger range from rest to surgery, depending on the situation of the patient. Splinting is also effective in the softer stages of the condition. The goal of treatment is to eradicate the catching or locking of the finger and allowing its full movement without facing any distress. This can be adapted by going with non-surgical approaches such as:

  • Splinting
  • Reducing pain-causing activities
  • Oral steroids
  • Steroid injection around the tendon area and pulley

When the natural remedies for trigger finger fail to alleviate the symptoms, surgery is the next recommended option. Surgery is conducted to broaden the opening of the tunnel for the smooth gliding motion of the tendon. It can be performed as an outpatient commonly.

Possible Complications of Trigger Finger Release 

Though the release process is quite safe and effective, there are expedient complications correlated with it. There are potentialities of:

  • Recurrence of trigger finger if there is an incomplete release of the tendon sheath
  • Infections post the treatment
  • Finger stiffness, damage to tendon or nerves
  • Scar tissue development

Well, a possible reason to prefer natural remedies for trigger finger over surgery. There is technological advancement going in the healthcare industry and various new devices are making their way for the safe cure of trigger fingers. The contemporary trigger finger patients are more alive to their health and in favor of choosing a natural cure. And why not? The options are available delivering great results in curing the problems associated with the condition, giving you an escape from surgery risks.

Get a Home Treatment for Trigger Finger

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