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Know About Trigger Finger and its Occurrence

Is Heat Or Ice Better For Trigger Finger Treatment?

It’s hard to come up with a solution to your trigger finger when you’re experiencing a gut-wrenching pain in your digit, especially during those sleepless nights when this ache keeps you awake. So what is a trigger finger, really? And what is the easiest way to treat it?

Trigger finger, or stenosing tenosynovitis, is caused by inflammation in the tendon sheath due to over-usage of your fingers or an underlying medical condition. The unpredictable condition causes your finger to painfully bend and lockdown toward your palm. Surgical and trigger finger treatment at homeis available, but some solutions are easier and more readily available than others.

Heat or Ice to treat your trigger finger:

When treating inflammation, it is commonly suggested to apply heat or ice to the affected area. As the trigger finger is caused by inflammation in the tendon sheath, this easy trigger finger treatment will also work on a tender, swollen digit. Both heat and ice are effective and convenient non-surgical treatments for trigger finger.

How can you get Home Treatment for Trigger Finger with it?

Ice therapy can help numb dull pain and reduce soreness. Simply apply a cold pack to the affected digit for at least 5 minutes, and repeat every few hours. Alternatively, you can use a hot pack, as heat helps in relaxing the muscles. The best approach to heat therapy is to buy a low-level heating wrap that you can wear for longer periods, even while sleeping. The moderate-level warmth will soothe your inflexible, locked fingers. Such a convenient natural home treatment for a trigger finger will soothe the inflammation in your fingers and eliminate daytime pain and sleepless nights.

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