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Managing Trigger Finger With Trigger Finger Treatment

How Will a Doctor Check For Trigger Finger?

If you are one of the unfortunate people who are affected by trigger finger, there is hope yet! Fortunately, diagnosing trigger finger is a fairly simple process. It does not require expensive or painful tests and it can be done quickly.
The paragraphs below describe what you might expect to happen at your doctor’s appointment.

Asking Questions

The first step of any diagnosis process involves asking questions. When you first sit down with your doctor, he/she will ask what brings you into the office. They will also ask about your health history and whether you have any current underlying health conditions. Last, they will ask you to describe the symptoms you are experiencing in detail.
All of these things will allow the doctor the opportunity to determine whether your current symptoms and health history might be related. It may help him when it comes time to provide a diagnosis.

Physical exam

The physical exam is not exhausting or elaborate. It is quite simple. The doctor will ask you to close and open your hand. This will allow him to take note of the areas that are the stiffest and the areas that are experiencing the most amount of pain.
The doctor will also analyze and palpate your palm and check if there is a lump and if the lump is connected with the trigger finger. A lump associated with the trigger finger will move as the finger will move because the lump is swelling in the tendon that is attached to the finger.

What Comes Next?

After your diagnosis for trigger finger treatment is complete, and the doctor has analyzed how severe your condition is, the doctor will prescribe you with the appropriate trigger finger treatment plan and perhaps medications that will help you manage your pain and discomfort.

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