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Symptoms of Trigger Finger

How to Identify Symptoms of Trigger Finger?

A Brief About Trigger Finger

Trigger Finger is a lingering medical condition that involves reduced flexibility in the fingers of the hand, commonly resulting in the rigidity, locking, and oddly bent fingers leading by chronic pain. It is a painful condition that causes the finger or thumb to get locked in a bent position.

The pain and discomfort due to the trigger finger can annoy a patient and the efficiency of doing daily tasks gets reduced. This gives rise to the need for trigger finger treatment!

The main problem with a trigger finger stems from either the opening of the sheath becoming smaller or the tendon itself becomes thickened so that it no longer slips smoothly through the tendon sheath. What causes so is the constant strain injury to the digits from an excessive movement which results in the tendon swelling and leading to this condition. The swelling can cause the locking position of fingers. Swollen tendons are prevented from the mobility in the sheath and the connective tissues around it. The inhibited mobility surface the trigger finger symptoms.

Now that you are aware of the condition and its causes, how you would identify the associated symptoms to know if there is a need for a doctor’s consultation!

Any Stiffness Resulting in the Discomfort to Patient

If your finger becomes stiff and aches frequently, it can be considered as warning signs that your tendons are abiding too much. Stiffness is associated with inflammation and in this case, it is the inflammation of the tendons. This can be due to age factor or arthritic conditions, but excessive eminence should be examined.

Striking Sound with Finger Movement 

The most revealing sign of trigger finger symptoms is the clicking or popping sound that a stiff finger makes when you try to move that specific digit. Due to the swelling in tendons, they struggle to decently perform in the sheath. This results in the popping or clicking sensation or sounds as the tendons are focuses to expand and contract.

Delicate & Sensitive Joints

These symptoms are though associated with old age, if you are experiencing the symptoms, get an examination to be sure the tendons have not been compromised. There is a possibility that you have trigger finger condition to be en route.

Finger Gets Locked in a Bent Position

Patients with trigger finger face a very common symptom of locked fingers that remain bent in the same position. This is the typical result of fully inflamed tendons and connective tissues. Such symptoms should involve an immediate trip to see your doctor.

Inability to Extend the Finger

The inability to extend any digit on the hand is a classic sign of trigger finger symptoms. A patient’s finger can remain curved or bent or barely able to be extended. If you suffer from this chronic disorder, your doctor can advise you on what methods can be undertaken to solicit a viable medical solution.

Trigger Finger Treatment

The symptoms of trigger finger can be analyzed with the help of a health professional after the proper diagnosis of the condition. The range of symptoms varies from mild to severe cases. Mild cases can be treated with some rest, anti-inflammatory medications, or natural remedies for trigger finger. You can also go with splints to enforce the rest of the affected finger. For intransigent cases, that do not get cured with medical treatments, surgery may have to be considered. The surgical treatment involves widening and opening of the tendon sheath so that the tendon once again slide through more easily. This is done via a small incision in the palm.

Trigger Finger Wand

What if you come to know there is a natural cure for trigger finger available that treats the condition by giving home comfort. Easy to use, an affordable approach that effectively reduces pain, discomfort, catching, and locking of the finger. What you need to do is to rub the wand for just 20-minutes to see the results. Try it today!

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