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Trigger Finger

How Many Injections Can You Have as Trigger Finger Treatment?

It’s normal for you to feel scared or anxious before getting an injection, but it is a 5-minute process with anti-inflammatory effects that will ease your pain almost instantly.

Cortisone injections, which are typically used to bring instant relief to hand conditions like trigger finger, are more powerful than other anti-inflammatory medications. This type of injection, which is also known as a corticosteroid injection, is a steroid that reduces inflammation. A person can intake this form of medication in various ways, like by mouth, inhalation, or by rubbing on the skin. When it comes to trigger finger, however, cortisone has to be injected in order to penetrate the tissue of the tendon. This will provide relief by reducing inflammation on the tendon sheath.

How many injections can you have?

As good as this trigger finger treatment sounds; it can be ineffective for certain patients. Doctors need to know the background of individual patients in order to give this treatment. The patient’s background will establish how many times he or she may require injections, or if the person is even eligible to get this form of trigger finger treatment. For example, patients who have diabetes and trigger finger may not be given any cortisone injections as the steroids may affect their blood sugar levels. A patient that meets the doctor’s requirements may take the injection twice; however, the second injection will be less effective than the first.

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