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Non-Surgical Treatment for Trigger Finger

Go for Safe Cure with New Non-Surgical Treatment for Trigger Finger

All About Trigger Finger

One common symptom of trigger finger observed by the patient is the locking of fingers when a person tries to hold something or starts working with his/her hands. It is considered a common condition experienced by people and some individuals are more prone to the condition.

Caused due to tendon inflammation, trigger finger happens when the finger or thumb of a person gets stuck to a bent position. This specific bent finger swiftly gets straighten with a pop sound, as if a trigger is released.

If you are suffering from the trigger finger condition, there are several trigger finger treatment options available, and fortunately, most of them are non-surgical. Here, you will get to know about how a patient can heal the condition of its own.

What is the Best Way to Get Trigger Finger Treatment?

A patient with mild symptoms is always advised to go for non surgical treatment for trigger finger first. Surgical or other complex options are recommended only when the natural treatment for trigger finger couldn’t able to provide relief.

Here is how to deal with Trigger Finger at home!

  1. Rest of Hand

One of the major causes of trigger fingers is the overuse of fingers either at work or at home. Thus the condition can be relieved by giving rest to your hand. A patient should avoid the activities that require repeated gripping or extended use of handheld vibrating tools for few weeks until the symptoms get improved. If you are unable to do so, you can consider wearing gloves during work. This can help in preventing strain.

  1. Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Medications

Taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications is proven to help in comforting pain and inflammation related to the condition. These medications help to provide trigger finger treatment relief from the symptoms of the condition.

  1. Applying Ice

Adopting cold treatment can help in reducing the pain and swelling by lowering the blood flow to the affected area. Make sure that you use this method in moderation as too much cold can cause rigid and sore joints. You can use the ice pack every 1-2 hours for few days until the swelling recedes. Also, wait until your skin returns to the natural temperature before reapplying the pack.

  1. Corticosteroid Injections 

In case the trigger finger treatment at home options including rest, anti-inflammatory medications, or ice packs couldn’t able to provide relief, the patient is further suggested to take corticosteroid injections by the doctor. You can also consider corticosteroid treatment in case of severe trigger finger symptoms. This procedure work to restrain inflammation and researches has shown that it is capable of relieving symptoms in most patients.

  1. Wearing a Splint

Wearing a splint on the affected finger can work to help the tendon rest. You can wear the splint at night, keeping your finger in an extended position for few weeks. This is another natural treatment for trigger finger that deliver effective and guaranteed results.

  1. Hand Exercises & Stretches

For patients with trigger fingers, gentle exercises and stretches are the best options as a non-surgical treatment for trigger finger at home. It not only helps to improve the movement of the affected finger but also reduces the inflexibility & increases strength. Just a short exercise session can help in treating the condition. A beginner can start at a slow rate and will get an increase in strength & flexibility with time.

How One can Fix the Trigger Finger Naturally?

Patients with trigger fingers experience locking up of trigger fingers in the morning and release as the day passes. While in severe cases, it has been observed that the digit does not come out from the bent position naturally. In such cases, the other hand is required to straighten the affected finger. Instead of forcing the finger to loosen with your other hand, you can release the locked finger by giving a massage to its base.

Will Trigger Finger Heal By Itself?

It totally depends on the severity of symptoms! The condition can heal itself and go away within weeks. In case the symptoms continue to trouble you even about a month of rest or splint, consultation with the doctor is advised. Trigger Finger Wand is a modern approach that is considered a safe non-surgical treatment for trigger finger and can be easily at home. For more details, visit us.

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