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Trigger Finger Treatment

Easy and Low Cost Trigger Finger Treatment Option at Home

The snapping of a finger or thumb followed by its stucking in the palm is known as trigger finger condition. The condition gets worse in the morning and the patient accuses the finger of getting stuck in the palm. It can cause pain when tried to straighten which further leads to a snapping sensation. The condition can affect more than one finger, thumb, or both hands. Studies have proven that women are more prone to the condition and feel the symptoms in any of the fingers or thumb.

Since it is not a mortal condition, the need for trigger finger treatment rises only when it starts causing difficulty in doing daily things along with the pain. In mild cases, the person can live with the symptoms and it can heal of their own.

Trigger Finger Treatment 

Those who are having nominal symptoms can go with the simple treatment initially which includes anti-inflammatory medication, hot or cold wraps, massage, or a splint. Whether these treatments will work depends on the asperity of symptoms but the trial of simple treatment is surely equitable. There is another common trigger finger treatment that can be used to reduce the swelling sufficiently to restore normal logistics. Cortisone injections can reduce the trouble but it is a kind of temporary solution for the condition.

Surgery is often recommended when the other treatments fail to cure the condition which is a same-day procedure. Though the process is very safe, there are possible complexities associated with it. Trigger Finger may reoccur if the tendon sheath does not get appropriately released. Some other complications include infection, inflexibility, and damage to the finger nerves.

Which is the Best Option for the Cure?

There is not any certainly best option for trigger finger treatment, but studies claim that early treatment with a surgical release can speed up the overall recovery with reduced stiffness and inflammation. However, some patients prefer to go for the surgical procedure and instead prefer a home treatment for trigger finger. You can choose from the reasonable options available that do not include surgery. The mode of treatment depends on the severity of the patient’s symptoms and the condition.

Trigger Finger Wand & Tape

Do you want a natural cure for the annoying and troubling trigger finger? Here is a modern approach introduced in the healthcare industry for a safe cure. Trigger Finger Wand is an inexpensive alternative to surgery, offering a home treatment to the patients. An easy to use product, it is highly effective in reducing pain discomfort, catching and safely locking a finger. By taking this new and effective approach to reducing the swelling in the tendon sheaths, you are in safe hands!

Proven to be a quick and affordable solution, the wand can be easily used at home by the patients. A rubbing session of 20-minutes can effectively restore the hand movement, even delaying the need for surgery. The ease of use, affordable range, and reusability feature for multiple fingers in the future make it a popular choice among patients. Moreover, Trigger Finger Wand offers scar-free treatment and is suggested to use in the earlier stages of trigger finger for better results.

Trigger Finger Tape 

Trigger Finger Tape offers a safe trigger finger treatment at home. Similar to the wand, it is very easy to use and needs to get applied post the wand treatment session. Applying the tape holds the finger in place to avoid the excessive use of tendons or further inflammation. You can apply it from the troubled finger to the wrist for all-day that works to secure the finger in an extended position by providing comfort. You can easily perform the daily activities even by wearing the tape as it allows for the fingers relatively free. The range of motion when opening the hand gets improved with the regular use of this approach.

Why Go for These Options?

The major reason is because of its natural approach which prevents you from all kinds of risks or complications. The other factors include ease of use, home comfort, reusability feature, quick results, and efficiency in curing the symptoms associated with trigger finger. Specifically designed as the natural remedies for trigger finger, the products can be used by the patients at home, without any significant side-effects. A new, safe, and natural approach offering the trigger finger treatment without surgery to the patients!

Buy Trigger Finger Wand and tape online at a very affordable range to get the natural approach to reducing Trigger Finger. Trigger Finger Wand, when combined with trigger finger tape and moderate exercises delivers great results and you don’t have to go though the surgical risks or complications!

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