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Home Treatment for Trigger Finger

Different Home Treatment for Trigger Finger You Can Choose

Maybe you have often heard women complaining about the locking of the finger joint in a bent position or finger rigidity specifically in the morning. These are the symptoms of stenosing tenosynovitis or trigger finger in general. Most of the patients are not aware of the term keep on bearing the pain & discomfort caused by the condition.

Trigger Finger occurs when the sheath surrounding the tendon of any of the fingers becomes aroused. This results in the tightening of the sheath around the connective tissue and restricts the full range of motion of a person. Patients suffering from severe cases may feel the locking of finger joints in a bent position.

Patients, specifically women are found with the symptoms of trigger finger which includes the following!

  • The inflexibility of the fingers
  • An inflamed bump at finger base or tenderness
  • A locked finger that is tough to straighten
  • Catching finger joint
  • Clicking & popping in finger joint

No need to panic as there as trigger finger treatment is available and one can get rid of this uncomfortable and frustrating condition.

If you are suffering from a trigger finger, there are health providers offering trigger finger therapy, injections, medications, splints, and other options one can go for. In severe cases, a patient may need a special release which will be performed with a surgical procedure.

According to researches, middle-aged women are most susceptible to the condition. You must be curious to know what the reason is for it. Here are some factors that contribute to its occurrence in women.

Majorly, women are more exposed to arthritis 

It is found that people with diabetes are more prone to the condition so are those who have issues like carpal tunnel syndrome, De Quervain disease, or renal disease. Some other health conditions like hypothyroidism and arthritis also increase the chances of getting trigger fingers. Since women are more exposed to develop rheumatoid or osteoarthritis, chances of developing trigger fingers also get increased in women.

Hormonal Changes in Women

Studies have also proven that trigger finger occurrence is associated with hormonal changes. As women pass through the situation when levels of estrogen drop rather quickly, this increases swelling of tendons and joints and results in trigger fingers.

Conventional Hobbies & Tasks of Female

Women are more involved in repetitive tasks and hobbies and that is why they are more likely to get affected by the trigger fingers. The kind of activities involving continuous gripping or repeated local trauma can also be blamed for trigger finger occurrence.

Some other causes include typing, knitting, and playing musical instruments. Since these tasks are not limited to women, these are the activities most women do spend time in. These are not entirely the cause but if you are exposed to trigger fingers, they can lead to its development.

Treatment Options

Any of the fingers get affected by Trigger Finger including the thumb. Patients suffering from the condition need to consult the health provider to see if it can be controlled with traditional treatment or not. If the case is passive to the natural treatment for trigger finger like splinting, therapies, medications, and others, surgery is suggested by the doctors. Surgery is highly effective and has very few complications associated with it and rarely returns.

Getting Diagnosed & Treated for Trigger Finger 

If you are observed with any of the trigger finger symptoms, it would be better to go for consultation and diagnosis process. The health professional will diagnose the condition based on medical history and physical exam of the affected finger performed. The doctor will also analyze the bumps or swollen spots in the affected area.

As Trigger Finger is linked with several suspicious causes, the patients should be as thorough and detailed as possible about all the medical and family history. It is important for the diagnosis and treatment of trigger fingers. No other tests like X-rays or other laboratory tests are required for the diagnosis process.

Try Home Treatment for Trigger Finger

The best you can do to get a natural treatment for trigger finger is to avoid activities that require repetitive hand or finger movements for few weeks. This will provide adequate rest to the hand. You can also go for splinting, hot & cold therapies, massage, and stretching exercises for getting the home cure. These cure options are proven to help provide an effective cure to the condition and you will not have to bear the risks & complications of surgery.

Try new home treatment for trigger finger introduced in the form of a portable device known as Trigger Finger Wand that offers a safe and natural cure to the patients. Not only it is easy to afford, but can also be reused for more than one finger.

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