What Is The Quick Trigger Finger Treatment Without Surgery?

What Is The Quick Trigger Finger Treatment Without Surgery?

Do you know 2.6% of the general population develops the risk of trigger finger? Yes, it is true and even some people suffer badly from this locking fingers or thumb problem.

It starts with morning stiffness, physical injury, repetitive use of hands and heavy weight lifting or gripping. Then, it can affect the patient anytime and anywhere.

In this post, you will know the best treatment for trigger finger without surgery.

Why Trigger Finger Causes Inflammation?

Trigger finger is also known as Stenosing tenosynovitis. It happens when one or more fingers or thumb gets stuck in a bent position and gives pain and inflammation.

Trigger finger causes inflammation in your tendon as tendons are cords made of tissue that are connected to your muscles and bones. Your hand’s thin layer of tissues provides the lubrication (tendon sheath) that fights against tissue damage and protects tissue damage.

In trigger finger, this tendon sheath gets swollen and injured when you overuse your hands for work. All this causes that your tendon sheath could not glide when wounded. Thusly, the trigger finger causes inflammation, irritation and these factors make trigger finger even worse.

What Medical Conditions Causes Trigger Finger?

Several medical conditions cause trigger finger and it increases the high-chances of trigger finger. These are as follows:

  1. Diabetes

25% of diabetes patient suffers from trigger finger. So, those who have diabetes suffer from trigger finger in multiple fingers at the same time. Overall, diabetes patients need special care in trigger finger and should treat their trigger finger quickly.

  1. Gout

Gout troubles joint fingers and damage tendons as it is a type of painful arthritis. People with gouts also have a high-tendency to suffer from trigger finger.

  1. Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis badly affects joint pain muscles, tendons and inflammation in your hands. Rheumatoid arthritis causes joint inflammation that directly leads to trigger finger.

  1. Dupuytren’s Contracture:

This is a hand deformity that develops over the time and patients with trigger finger suffer from both of these diseases together. In this condition, your layers of tissue eventually create a thick cord that badly pulls the fingers or thumb into a bent position.

However, it is a rare disease but when it develops then affects chronic pain and inflammation in your hand muscles anytime. So, diagnose and get its treatment on time.

Who Suffers More From Trigger Finger?

  1. People between the age of 40-60, most frequently diagnosed with trigger finger.
  2. Women suffer 4 to 6 times more from trigger finger than men.
  3. Patients with diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, gout and dupuytren’s contracture have a high tendency to have trigger finger symptoms.
  4. Farmers, musicians, fitness trainers, farmers and factory workers are more prone to trigger finger. The reasons are continuous hardwork, gripping and weight lifting etc.

Also some hobbies also causes trigger finger like gardening, knitting, typing and jewellery marking etc.

Overall, be careful and pay concern to the healthy movements of your hands.

What is the Quick Trigger Finger Treatment without Surgery?

If you are thinking to go with trigger finger treatment with surgery then that is not recommendable.  Several natural home remedies that can give you the best and natural cure for your trigger finger.

So, you can try them. As surgical procedure may cost huge with pain and scar treatment.

Then, you can try one of the best treatments for trigger finger – Trigger Finger Wand. It offers a natural, homemade, affordable and handy solution for your catchy fingers or thumb.

Furthermore, you can easily order this portable device and get the fastest treatment for your trigger finger treatment. Also, it is very easy-to-use device that can be carried everywhere.

How to Use Trigger Finger Wand?

*You can massage with this device on your affected area for about 20 about. After the massage, you can take its more therapy sessions and feel the soothness in your hand muscles.

*Also you can take its therapy sessions several times a day and cure your trigger finger instantly.

* You can continue its therapy sessions until you cured from your trigger finger pain.

In a Nutshell

Overall, a trigger finger cure is a must unless it reaches beyond treatment or surgical-procedure. You can use Trigger Finger Wand for getting instant relief in your trigger finger. As it offers natural, affordable, handy and homemade solutions for your catchy fingers or thumb.

Get this portable device and take its massage that will soothe your muscle pain effectively. Moreover, it is not time-consuming and troubling so you can use it anytime and anywhere conveniently.

Buy this device today!

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