Know 7 Facts About Trigger Finger And Also Follow Home Treatment For Trigger Finger

Know 7 Facts About Trigger Finger And Also Follow Home Treatment For Trigger Finger

Trigger finger causes are still unknown. But it generally occurs by repetitive usage of hands, weight lifting and due to physical injury etc.

In trigger finger, your fingers or thumb get locked and you feel unable to straighten them up. All it leads to pain in fingers and bad finger posture with swelling in hand muscles.

Trigger finger can happen anytime. It usually affects the middle-aged group. Its early symptom is morning stiffness. But there are many things you need to know about trigger finger.

These facts can give you a better understanding of your trigger finger and are helpful in its treatment. Moreover, after reading this blog you can find the Best Home Treatment for Trigger Finger.

So, here are Important Things you should know about Trigger Finger:

  1. Why does it happen?

Trigger Finger causes are still unknown. But some of its causes are common that tells you about why does trigger finger affects you.

  • If you are a patient of diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory disease then there are high chances that you may suffer from trigger finger.
  • Next, women suffer more from trigger finger than men.
  • Generally, 40-60 age groups commonly suffer from trigger finger.
  1. Clicking Sensation:

When you bend your finger in trigger finger disease, then you may feel a clicking sensation in your fingers or thumb.  This clicking sensation occurs when your tendon muscles are inflamed badly. So whenever you will bend your fingers or thumb, you may hear a popping or clicking sensation.

  1. Your Right-Hand is Usually Affected from Trigger Finger:

Do you think trigger finger can occur in your left hand? Well, the answer is no. There are high chances that it affects your dominant or right hand. Because you make repetitive motions with your right hand only.

  1. Starts with Morning Stiffness:

Morning stiffness is that you feel pain in your tendon muscles or are unable to move your fingers or thumb flexibly. This indicates the starting of the trigger finger. So, if you feel these symptoms then you can consider it a trigger finger.

  1. Your Tendon Muscles Causes Pain:

In trigger finger, your tendon sheath gets inflamed or swollen. Your fingers or thumb gets locked and you need to take the help of other hand to straighten that out. So, due to muscle inflammation, you feel the pain and inability to move your hands flexibility.

  1. 25% Cases can be Automatically Healed:

In some conditions, 25% of trigger finger cases are automatically healed without any medication. Without any warning or symptom your trigger finger is cured. However, in other cases, you need to take trigger finger treatment.

  1. Surgical Treatment is not a Single Treatment Option for Your Trigger Finger:

Trigger Finger is a curable disease. But for its treatment surgical procedure is not a single option. You can try home remedies for trigger finger.

Surgical procedure is time-consuming, expensive, painful and scary. So, you can use home remedies and cure your trigger finger naturally.

Use the Best Home Treatment for Trigger Finger:

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Trigger Finger needs a must treatment. You can instantly cure your trigger finger inflammation and stiffness conveniently with Trigger Finger Wand. This portable device is used for the effective trigger finger at home. Book your device today.

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