How Ultrasound, Soft Heat & Taping for Trigger Finger Heals Your Finger

Trigger finger — it’s that stiffness you get when your finger catches or locks at the joint. The situation is sometimes painful, and restricts your daily interference.

The trigger finger wand is a simple solution to drastically reduce the stiffness, and prompt your fingers to regain their normal gripping agility. To treat the trigger finger, a twenty-thirty-minute treatment is enough for a person. Generally, Fifteen minutes of the wand is typically enough to decrease the swelling in your fingers’ tendon sheaths — which is the root of your discomfort.

You’ll witness ongoing improvement by continuing these short ultrasound and far-infrared heat sessions every day but, to accelerate the results, you should follow up your wand protocol with an application of custom-designed trigger finger tape.

Once you wash and dry your hands, retrieve the tape and adhere it from the underside tips of your fingers and along their topsides to the largest knuckles. When taped in an extended position, you’ll allow your fingers the ongoing stretch they need to eliminate locking and get back to their loose usual movement.

The tape is engineered to function as a flexible brace and hold your fingers in a position and encourage your finger to straighten past the clicking point. It will make them nimble and resistant to lockage, both while the trigger finger taping is applied, and after it is removed.

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