How To Unlock Trigger Finger With The Best Trigger Finger Home Remedy?

How To Unlock Trigger Finger With The Best Trigger Finger Home Remedy?

Are you suffering from locking finger or thumb problem? If yes then it could be trigger finger. It can trouble you, causes pain & hindrance daily activities. In this condition, you may suffer from morning stiffness, palm inflammation, catching & locking of fingers or thumb. Your fingers get locked in the painful condition & you get stubbed on how to unlock these fingers. To unlock your fingers or thumb, you can use the best trigger finger home remedy.

Before that, what is trigger finger & why does it trouble you. In this blog, you will also know about diagnosis, elimination the need of surgery, best home remedy & self-care tips etc.

What is Trigger Finger?

Trigger finger is also known as steno sing tenosynovitis. In this condition, your tendon sheath gets inflamed. The role of tendon sheath is contributed in the free movements of your hand. When you repetitively move your hands for work then your tendon sheath directly affected, feel overstretched & cause painful trigger finger. Consequently, when you try to bend or straighten your fingers or thumb then because of inflammation, they get locked or caught in trigger finger.

What are the Symptoms of Trigger Finger?

In the early stages, you may suffer from morning stiffness. Then your fingers or thumb get locked anytime. Even when you move or bend your fingers then it can cause catching or locking. You may also feel inflammation bump around your palm, clicking & popping sensation.

What are the Causes of Trigger Finger?

There are some known causes of trigger finger which are as follows:

  • Repetitive hand movements
  • Forceful usage of hands or weightlifting
  • Physical injury
  • Diabetes & joints problem
  • Gout & rheumatoid arthritis
  • Middle-aged 40-60 years
  • Women are prone to this problem.

Diagnosis of Trigger Finger

It is important to visit a doctor to get the intensity of trigger finger problem. Your doctor may diagnose it just by checking or knowing the symptoms thoroughly. Otherwise, he may suggest you for X-Ray & scans to diagnose the condition of your tendon sheath & surrounding area.

Do You Need Surgery for Trigger Finger?

It is difficult to live with a trigger finger as it is quite painful& dangerous at times. It increases with time. To get its fast treatment, sometimes you choose to go for surgical treatment but do not do this. Instead of this, you can take natural cure for trigger finger. When trigger finger can be treated with home remedy then why choose expensive, scary & troubling surgical procedure for trigger finger.

How to Unlock Trigger Finger with the Best Trigger Finger?

As discussed above, there is no need for surgery. You can conveniently use natural home treatment for trigger finger.

If you are looking for the best trigger finger home remedy then you can use Trigger Finger Wand. It offers you convenient, affordable, safe & easy treatment at home.

Usage of Trigger Finger Wand is also easy. You do not need any professional knowledge for using this device. Just rub it on the affected area for 10-15 minutes & notice how it gives you soothness in palm inflammation.

In rare cases, when trigger finger pain is out of control then you should take a surgical procedure otherwise this portable device is 100% safe & effective on trigger finger.

Some Self-Care Tips

  • Avoid repetitive hand activities
  • Give rest to your hands for some days
  • Use Trigger Finger Wand & Tape
  • Take anti-inflammatory medicine
  • Use hot & ice pack


Trigger Finger Wand is the best trigger finger treatment. It saves you from expensive surgical procedures. You can conveniently use it at home. If you use this portable device then you do not need to go for any treatment. So, save yourself from painful treatment & choose Trigger Finger Wand. Also check our products Lipoma Wand for the natural treatment of lipoma

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