Best Options for Trigger Finger Treatment Without Surgery

Best Options for Trigger Finger Treatment Without Surgery

Natural Ways to get Trigger Finger Treatment Without Surgery:

Surgical treatment for a trigger finger can help you get rid of the pain, inflammation, and stiffness. But it may leave scars on your hand. And no one like scars on their body. So, people who are not interested in the surgical procedure and want to discard the pain and discomfort of the trigger finger can use natural ways to heal the finger. The trigger finger treatment without surgery is safe and effective. Also, it does not offer scars and pain to the person who is using it.

Some home treatment methods for Trigger Finger include:

  •    Resting your Hand:

It goes without saying because excessive use of the hand causes the trigger finger in the first place. It is likely that rest will reverse or improve it.

  •    A Splint:

A splint can also be recommended to relax and rest the tendon. It keeps the finger in an extended position and is usually used for up to 6 weeks.

  •    Stretching Exercises:

Stretching exercises of the finger can substantially decrease stiffness and allow you to bring back mobility to the affected finger. 

  •    Trigger Finger Wand and Trigger Finger Tape:

Products like the Trigger Finger Wand and Tape provide safe and affordable at-home trigger finger treatment without surgery and work to reduce swelling of tendon sheaths to allow mobility of finger again. A complete natural cure for trigger fingers!

Non-Surgical Treatments for trigger finger:

Besides home treatments, some medical treatments that are performed non-surgically are:

  •    Medication:

Anti-inflammatory medicines may be prescribed to reduce swelling of the tendon and relieve the inflammation to decrease the symptoms of the condition.

  •    Steroid Injections:

Anti-inflammatory agents such as cortisone can be injected into the base of the affected finger, which may resolve the inflammation and reduce the swelling.

Surgical Treatments:

In some severe cases, patients may have to turn to surgery.

  •    Trigger Finger Release:

A surgical procedure, called the Trigger Finger Release, may be performed in which an incision is made on the base of the finger. The constriction blocking the motion of the sheath is then cut to release the finger.

Complications and Risks Involved:

Of course, there are certain risks involved when it comes to these treatment methods.

  •    Procedures are not necessarily permanent and may have to be done more than once.
  •    There might be Soreness and swelling on the affected finger and area.
  •    It may take time for the finger to regain movement.
  •    Locking or clicking may persist.
  •    Nerve Damage in the area.

Thus, surgical and methods involving injections may not always be the best options for trigger finger treatment. 

Switch to NonSurgical Trigger Finger Treatment Offered By Zeta Technology Group

It is better to cure your trigger finger with non surgical trigger finger treatment options. These natural remedies are safe to use and effective enough to reduce the inflammation and swelling in the tendon sheaths. Moreover, such home treatments for trigger finger offers no side effects to the body and are painless. 

Trigger finger tape and wand offered by zeta technology group offers the trigger thumb treatment and eliminates the need for surgical procedures. These products are super affordable for everyone and easy to use by beginners and professionals. 

The list of products includes trigger finger wand, trigger finger tape, trigger finger jelly and therapeutic water soaks. You can book your treatment kit anytime to get rid of your pain.

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