Should You Ignore Your Trigger Finger?

Trigger finger is a condition where, most often, the ring finger or the thumb becomes stiff, unmovable, and eventually snap back into place. The condition is generally accompanied by pain, discomfort, and a feeling of “locking” when you straighten or bend your finger. Although not a typically serious condition, if it is left ignored, greater... ...

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Home Treatment for Trigger Finger

Advantages of the Trigger Finger Wand and Tape

Trigger finger is considered to be an RSI —or repetitive strain injury—and the most basic method of treatment is to rest and avoid the activities that initiated the ailment in the first place. Sometimes, however, rest is not enough to entirely rid of the symptoms. That’s when it is time to seek other forms of... ...

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Trigger finger

The Prevalence and Treatment of Trigger Finger

Trigger finger— medically known as Stenosing Tenosynovitis— is an inflammation of the tendon sheath that helps the fingers with movement and dexterity. Unfortunately, it is a common cause of hand problems in adults. This happens due to a phenomenon called “repetitive strain injury” which can be described as wear and tear. Consider, for instance, you... ...

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Trigger Finger

Trigger Finger: What are the Treatment Options?

Trigger finger is a common condition known to people across the map. Some have chosen to handle their pain and discomfort by undergoing surgery while others have been fortunate enough to improve their condition with minimal treatment at all. Continue reading the article below to learn more about different trigger finger treatment options available. Non-surgical... ...

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Know About Trigger Finger and its Occurrence