What is Trigger Finger – Causes, Risk Factors, and Treatment

Do You Have to Treat Trigger Finger? For the most part, trigger finger is a nuisance and not a severe problem. However, if it is untreated, it may become much more severe. It is not uncommon for untreated trigger fingers to become stuck in a bent position. If the finger becomes permanently stuck in a... ...

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Trigger finger

What is a Trigger Finger Release? Its need and Cure Options

What Happens if You Don’t Treat Trigger Finger? Trigger finger is a condition that causes the finger to pop or snap every time it is moved. This is often very painful and causes severe inconvenience to the patient. Trigger Finger is extremely common in women, more so than men, in fact. This is primarily due... ...

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Managing Trigger Finger With Trigger Finger Treatment

Try Some Best Home Remedies for Trigger Finger Treatment

If you are suffering from a trigger finger, you know that getting it treated is an absolute must. As a matter of fact, you need to get your trigger finger treated as quickly as you possibly can to avoid any long-term damage. When the trigger finger goes untreated, it may result in the affected finger... ...

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Home Treatments for Trigger Finger

What You Need to Know About Trigger Finger

Trigger finger is a condition that affects many Americans every year. First described in 1850 by Alphonse Notta, the French physician. Treatments have varied following its discovery, with several options now available. None of the options on the market are as effective as the combination of the Trigger Finger wand, jelly, and tape found on... ...

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How Do You Release A Trigger Finger?