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Best Recommended Home Treatment for Trigger Finger

Troubling Trigger Finger:

Feeling trouble in moving your fingers or thumb freely? There are chances that it could be a trigger finger. Undoubtedly, this is a painful condition for you. As its symptoms start with morning stiffness. The main reason is overusing of fingers or thumb. If you diagnose it and get confirmation of trigger finger. Then, it is a must to treat. But surgery is not the main option for your trigger finger. You can try home treatment for trigger finger easily.

Main Reasons of Trigger Finger:

  • Poor finger or thumb posture with pain can affect you badly.
  • The main reasons for trigger finger are physical injury, overuse of hands, diabetes, and age factor and generally women are affected from this problem.
  • In trigger finger, our tendon gets inflamed which gives flexibility to our hands with gliding motions. With the help of sheath, our tendon glides perfectly. So, due to the overuse of fingers, our tendon gets swelled. Lastly, it appears as a trigger finger problem.
  • Our finger or thumb appears and feels bent out of shape.
  • Overall, it makes you feel in pain, discomfort, and swelling.

What You Should Do First?


Try Easy Precautions at Home

Without fingers, we cannot imagine doing any work. And trigger finger makes you feel inconvenient for work. So, you can perform some useful activities to get relief from catchy finger or thumb pain.

  • Rest therapy is the first precautionary step. You can give rest to your fingers or thumb. Do not do any gripping and overusing hands or work for at least 1-2 weeks.
  • Depending upon your trigger finger pain, you can perform some light stretching exercises. This can straighten your bent muscles into the right posture. When your pain is unbearable, do not perform any type of exercises.
  • Take some hot or cold pack therapy. This is easily possible at home. Even you can take both therapies at the same time. So, you can take 2-3 hot and cold pack therapies and get relief from trigger finger inflammation then.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs are also on this list. You can take ibuprofen and other pain killers to stop your pain. These medicines can help you to give temporary comfort.


Surgery is not always solution of your diseases. Natural remedies can also cure your diseases effectively.

The Best Recommended Home Treatment for Trigger Finger?

Looking for a one-time permanent solution for your trigger finger? Here is an effective device that can help you. That is Trigger Finger Wand as it offers a natural way to treat your locking finger or thumb problem. So, Trigger Finger Wand is a latest approach that offer you effective therapy sessions. Additionally, it is an inexpensive way to get trigger finger treatment. Usage of this portable device is very easy & convenient. You can use it anytime & anywhere. Just buy this device and start using it instantly. Rub this device on the affected area for about 20 minutes. This device will improve your blood circulation and give you relief and soothness. Then, you can use Trigger Finger Tape for supporting your hanged finger or thumb. That tape is suitable for all sizes and you can wear it day or night. Overall, this is a homemade solution that offers you successful trigger finger treatment.

Why Not Go For Surgical Procedure for Trigger Finger?

Surgical-treatment is always scary for everyone. No doubt, it is expensive always. Also, here is explained that why you should not go for trigger finger surgery?

There were times when people used to find surgical treatments for their diseases. But by the advancements in medical technology, people started realizing that initially, they should prefer homemade remedies for their diseases. Hence, surgical treatments are taken as the last treatment option when no homemade remedy treats your disease.

That is why Trigger Finger Wand is recommended as the Trigger Finger Treatment without Surgery option. This offer easy-to-use and reasonable solution for trigger finger. However, surgical treatment is a must when your trigger finger pain is out of control and unbearable. Try out homemade remedies and cure your trigger finger naturally.

Advantages of Taking Natural Cure for Trigger Finger

Trigger Finger Inflammation

Trigger Finger caused by overusing your fingers or thumb for work. Usually, farmers, laymen, artists, and women are affected by these catching fingers. Even, when you wake up in the morning, then you can notice the stiffness in your fingers. Your fingers may be struck and remain still for some time. As a result, this can cause finger or thumb inflammation. You may feel helpless to do any work. At that time, you can take help from your family members or friends for your work. But it is must treat the trigger finger as it may affect you badly afterward.

Temporary Treatment for Trigger Finger

To cure this popping sensation, we generally take pills to fix the pain. We assume that within some time, the pain killer will defeat the trigger finger pain. But actually it does not happen. Pills can fix your pain on temporary basis. Hence, you should take a permanent and natural cure for the trigger finger.

Permanent and Natural Cure for Trigger Finger:

Trigger Finger Wand

Trigger Finger Wand is a permanent and natural cure for treating trigger finger. This is an effective homemade treatment to fix this problem anytime and anywhere. It is designed to fix trigger finger problems quickly. Additionally, this is a modern approach to treat locking fingers or thumb.

How to Use Trigger Finger Wand:

Trigger Finger Wand is a very handy product. You do not need any professional knowledge to use this device. Once you get its safe delivery, you can easily use it at home. Just rub the wand on the affected area for about 20 minutes. After one therapy session, you can feel the relaxation in your fingers or thumb. Moreover, you can give support to your hanging finger or thumb with Trigger Finger Tape. You can use this tape overnight or throughout the day. Also, you can feel the reduction in inflammation by applying Trigger Finger Jelly. So, this is an amazing product that cures trigger finger affordably.

Advantages of Taking Natural Cure for Trigger Finger:

There are many benefits of choosing natural treatment of trigger finger that are as follows;

  • No Side Effects:

Pills, surgical treatments, and injections leave side effects on the body. But, if you use Trigger Finger Wand then it treats effectively your catching fingers or thumb with no side-effects. Hence, always prefer natural remedies to treat diseases.

  • Affordable:

As compared to surgical treatments of trigger finger, Trigger Finger Wand is an affordable choice for you. Visiting doctors for the long term and going for a surgical procedure may cost you much. Instead of that, you can make a trigger finger wand, a permanent choice for fixing the trigger finger.

  • Stress-Free Procedure:

It is very delightful when we can treat our trigger finger at home and without any harassment. Trigger Finger Wand offers you a stress-free treatment option for your trigger finger. This portable device has a multi-purpose usage. You can fix your popping finger or thumb anywhere relax fully.

  • Natural Healing:

Natural healing of trigger finger is far better than surgical method. Trigger Finger Wand offers natural healing for locking fingers. This product works naturally on fingers and treats it within some time. Your body will also respond automatically and you can joy the natural healing process of trigger finger.

  • Scar-Free Treatment:

Indeed, Trigger Finger Wand is one of the best natural among trigger finger home remedies. This product gives you scar-less treatment. You do not have to bear the scars on your skin. Surgical treatment can leave scars on your skin but trigger finger wand gives you a unique scar-free treatment. It works instantly on your popping sensation.


Ultimately, there are amazing benefits of using natural home remedies for trigger finger. Among them, Trigger Finger Wand has effective results in fixing catching finger or thumb. It saves medical expenses and offers scar-free, stress-free, and quick solution for trigger finger. Buy this natural product today.

Natural Remedies for Trigger Finger Treatment

Are you facing issues with expanding and moving your finger when you woke up in the morning? If this is the situation, then probably you may be facing trigger finger or thumb issues. The situation offers pain in your finger and locks the finger in a bent position. The problem more affects your daily work routine and resists you from doing regular tasks.

When you are facing such a problem, you are not supposed to do the continuous gripping and heavy lifting of the objects because it can worsen the condition. So, it is always better to treat your trigger finger either surgically or by using natural remedies for the trigger finger.

What is a Trigger Finger?

Your fingers have a tendon that offers flexible movement to your finger. The tendon sheaths allow moving the tendon through a narrow passage to make your glide smooth and pain-free. In short, it acts as the pulley for tendon muscles. And, when your tendon muscles get inflamed, it restricts the movement of the finger and pains a lot when you try to move it. Overall, we can say that your finger gets locked into a bend position.

The situation needs instant treatment so that a person could do his/her gets rid of this situation as soon as possible. You can use a home treatment for trigger fingers to restrict the expansion of problems and pain in your hand. There are several hand exercises that you can use to treat your finger at home only.

Hand Exercise 1:

Finger Lifts (Move Your Fingers Upward):

The continuous holding of things can give stress to your tendon muscles. So, whenever you get the time out of your busy schedule, just lay your hand on the table and lift your hand fingers one by one to support a movement. Give special care to your influenced finger. Hold the uplifted finger in the air for 1-2 seconds and repeat the process again for each finger.

Hand Exercise 2:

 Rubber Band Stretching (Stretch your hand with the motion of your rubber):

The name has already defined the exercise. You just have to stretch your finger and hand with the motion of the rubber. Just wrap rubber around your fingers and thumb and draw the thumb and fingers together to feel the stretch with the rubber by opening and closing the hand.

Hand Exercise 3:

Circle Stretch using Finger and thumb:

It is the next exercise to get the trigger finger treatment at home. In order to do this exercise, just join your influenced finger with your thumb by making an “o” shape. The symbol will shape as ok and then hold the position for 5 seconds and repeat the process 10 times.

Hand Exercise 4:

Finger Spread (Expand and Widen Your Finger):

This is the simplest exercise to follow by anyone who is facing a trigger finger issue. You can get relief from the pain and trigger finger. Just spread the fingers wide, draw them together in a fist and repeat the process again.

These are some easy-to-follow exercises that anyone can use to pursue a trigger finger treatment at home.

Other than this, these remedies may work or sometimes may not work for a person. So, we have a permanent, inexpensive, and effective solution for those who need permanent treatment to get rid of the pain and discomfort.

The Solution is Trigger Finger Wand!!

A trigger finger wand is an effective solution to get rid of your trigger finger problem without going to your physician for painful surgeries. Your trigger finger needs the massage to offer smooth movement to your triggered fingers.

Zeta technology group has offered various natural remedies for trigger fingers that you can use to get easy home treatment. One you already know, which is a trigger finger wand and another is trigger finger tape and the last one is trigger finger jelly.

In order to use both the products, firstly apply proprietary oil or jelly on your influenced finger and then rub the trigger finger wand on your finger to massage the tendon muscle for about 20-30 minutes. Afterward, clean your hand and apply trigger finger tape on it to support your finger and restricts its movement.

You will surely get the results after certain therapy sessions. Just book your gadget today to get the hassle-free trigger finger treatment at home with Trigger Finger Cure!

Trigger Finger Treatment without Surgery

Tendons in your body join your bones to muscle. So, when it gets inflamed or irritated, your finger may get into the locking position. Your hand’s tendon is known as flexor tendons. On bending your fingers, tendon sheaths allow the movement of these tendon muscles and keep them at their position. We can say that tendon sheath work as the pulley. When any of these two gets inflamed and swollen, the tendon cannot move from the tendon sheath. And it went into the lock position and commonly known as flexor tenosynovitis, or trigger finger. Mainly, repetitive gripping leads a person at a higher risk of developing this condition. Also, women are more likely to fell into such situations as they involve in household tasks. The situation needs the treatment. Either you can go for surgical procedures or use the nonsurgical treatment for trigger finger to restore your finger position.

Does Trigger Finger Needs Treatment?

Yes, trigger finger needs on-time treatment so that the problem does not exceeds more. Because once the problem exceeds, it will start bothering you by paining your arm and shoulder. So, if you feel that you got trigger finger, either go for trigger finger treatment home remedies or physician’s help. Trigger finger will restrict you from holding and gripping the things and you will not be able to do your daily tasks.

Facts about Trigger Finger:

  • There is no particular reason of trigger finger, you can get it anytime anyhow without any specific reason. Being a woman, Diabetes, Repetitive motion injuries, doing heavy lifting in your senior age, Rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and other inflammatory diseases are some reasons that you can consider for your trigger finger.
  • You can get it in any finger, mostly the ring finger and your thumb.
  • You will hear a pop sound when you try to move your triggered finger.
  • You will most probably get the trigger finger problen into your dominant hand as it works more than the other one and you are habitual of doing task with it.

Is trigger finger treatment without surgery Possible?

Yes, trigger finger treatment without surgery is possible with some home remedies and exercises. You can go for following treatment options to treat your trigger finger:

  • Rest:

Give rest to your finger that got the trigger finger problem and avoid doing heavy lifting and gripping to hold the heavy items.

  • Using Medications for Trigger Finger:

You can take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to treat your trigger finger pain. You can get the ibuprofen and naproxen. It will help to reduce pain and inflammation from trigger finger.

  • Using Splints:

Wrap around the palm and the lower portion of the affected finger with the help of a splint. It will support your finger and allow bending of the finger by restricting the movement of the lower portion of your finger.

  • Tools for trigger finger treatment without surgery

You can use various tools like power tools, bicycle handles, and pens to reduce the inflammation and improve friction to eliminate trigger finger.

These are some of the best home remedies for trigger finger that one can use to reduce the affect of trigger finger and restore its condition.

Use Trigger Finger Wand- A nonsurgical treatment for trigger finger

If you are looking for a safe and effective nonsurgical treatment for trigger finger then you should buy the Trigger finger wand for effective home treatment.

The trigger finger wand is an innovation by Zeta Technology group that offers the scar-free home treatment for trigger finger. The device offers the in-home treatment for those who do not want to involve in surgical procedures. Moreover, you can get the results after certain use of this device. Just apply the proprietary and oil on the influeced finger and rub the trigger finger wand on it. support the finger with trigger finger tape. Do it for about 20-30 minutes and get the desired results wihout stepping out of your home. Book your device today to get trigger finger treatment without surgery!

A Natural Home Treatment For Trigger Finger

What does Trigger Finger Mean?

Trigger finger can be painful, annoying and dangerous on the same hand. It is a condition in which one of your fingers gets fastened in a bent position. You may feel that your finger has a bend or straighten similar to a trigger being pulled and released.

If the trigger finger takes a severe position, your finger may also get locked in a curved position. Those who work or do enthralling actions on a repeat basis may have risks of trigger finger. Women are more common suspects of this disease.

Symptoms of trigger finger

How one can identify this? It can be progressed from mild to severe symptoms which includes the following:

  • Rigidity in fingers
  • Clicking sensation while moving your finger
  • Nodule in the palm at the base of the affected finger
  • Finger get locked into a bent position

Actually, it can affect any finger, including the thumb. Also, more than one finger can be affected at a time of both the hands. So, it would be a smart decision to consult your physician or use a natural home treatment for trigger finger.

What Improves the Chances of Trigger Finger?

Some of the factors that put you at risk of trigger finger include the following:

  • Gripping: When you repetitively do use of hands, it increases the risk of trigger finger.
  • Health issues: People who have some health issues diabetes are at high risk of trigger finger disease.
  • It is also associated with surgery of carpal tunnel syndrome during the first six months.

Try These Natural Home Treatment For Trigger Finger

Who likes ugly and annoying trigger finger! But you no longer need to face it! There are treatment options available to get rid of it. Surgeries are the most commonly recommended option for its cure.

However, not every person prefers surgical procedure. No worries, if you too fall in the same category. There is a perfect home treatment for trigger finger available for the cure of trigger finger. Let’s discuss it in brief!

Trigger Finger Wand 

Designed as an alternative to surgery, it is a new, easy and affordable approach that provides trigger finger treatment at home. What it treats is reducing pain, discomfort, catching and locking.

Trigger Finger Wand is a new and effective approach to trigger finger treatment that reduces swelling in the tendon sheaths in a completely safe and painless way. Despite the surgeries that are too expensive to afford, this treatment easily fits everyone’s budget. You can also consider it as a Trigger Finger therapy which can be done at your home.

Why Trigger Wand is a great option?

Choose the best home option to get rid of all the troubles related to the Trigger Finger and get trigger finger treatment without surgery. Offering a safe and efficient ultrasound frequency along with safe far-infrared heat frequency, this wand reduces the swelling and allows them to move freely and enhance the range of motion in the joints. A combination of this wand with Trigger finger tape and exercises work best to get efficient results.

Features of Trigger Finger Wand

  • Simple to use
  • Follows natural approach
  • Does not leave any scars to the body
  • Can be reused for years
  • Do not cause any side-effects to the body

Trigger Finger Tape

When you are suffering from trigger finger, it can impact your daily activities to some extent. How to deal with this? Trying out Trigger Finger Tape is a good option! It is one of the best trigger finger treatment home remedies that provide a comfortable and consistent stretch to the finger joint. Additionally, it reduces the discomfort, catching and locking. Easy to use, and allows full use your hand.

How it works is like a brace that helps in opening your hand with reduced locking. The tape works so effectively that it makes your hand close into a fist and you will also be able to grip the things in an effective way. Trigger Finger Tape provides comfort to a person as a second layer of the skin. A person can wear it the whole day and night to get the appropriate comfort and support.

You can use both Trigger Finger Wand and trigger finger tape simply at your home and the tape can also be put on by a person itself. Both of these make trigger finger treatment possible and easy without surgery. A simple solution that reduces tightness, tenderness, catching, locking, and eliminating the need for surgery!

How you can use the wand?

  • Rub the proprietary and oil over your finger and the palm
  • The next step is to rub the wand back & forth over that area for about 20 minutes. After the treatment gets completed, you can wash & dry your hand to apply the finger tape
  • The treatment cures the trigger finger after each session.

Buy the wand at best price online!

Best Options For Trigger Finger Treatment Without Surgery

Natural Ways to get Trigger Finger Treatment Without Surgery:

Surgical treatment for a trigger finger can help you get rid of the pain, inflammation, and stiffness. But it may leave scars on your hand. And no one like scars on their body. So, people who are not interested in the surgical procedure and want to discard the pain and discomfort of the trigger finger can use natural ways to heal the finger. The trigger finger treatment without surgery is safe and effective. Also, it does not offer scars and pain to the person who is using it.

Some home treatment methods for Trigger Finger include:

  •    Resting your Hand:

It goes without saying because excessive use of the hand causes the trigger finger in the first place. It is likely that rest will reverse or improve it.

  •    A Splint:

A splint can also be recommended to relax and rest the tendon. It keeps the finger in an extended position and is usually used for up to 6 weeks.

  •    Stretching Exercises:

Stretching exercises of the finger can substantially decrease stiffness and allow you to bring back mobility to the affected finger. 

  •    Trigger Finger Wand and Trigger Finger Tape:

Products like the Trigger Finger Wand and Tape provide safe and affordable at-home trigger finger treatment without surgery and work to reduce swelling of tendon sheaths to allow mobility of finger again. A complete natural cure for trigger fingers!

Non-Surgical Treatments for trigger finger:

Besides home treatments, some medical treatments that are performed non-surgically are:

  •    Medication:

Anti-inflammatory medicines may be prescribed to reduce swelling of the tendon and relieve the inflammation to decrease the symptoms of the condition.

  •    Steroid Injections:

Anti-inflammatory agents such as cortisone can be injected into the base of the affected finger, which may resolve the inflammation and reduce the swelling.

Surgical Treatments:

In some severe cases, patients may have to turn to surgery.

  •    Trigger Finger Release:

A surgical procedure, called the Trigger Finger Release, may be performed in which an incision is made on the base of the finger. The constriction blocking the motion of the sheath is then cut to release the finger.

Complications and Risks Involved:

Of course, there are certain risks involved when it comes to these treatment methods.

  •    Procedures are not necessarily permanent and may have to be done more than once.
  •    There might be Soreness and swelling on the affected finger and area.
  •    It may take time for the finger to regain movement.
  •    Locking or clicking may persist.
  •    Nerve Damage in the area.

Thus, surgical and methods involving injections may not always be the best options for trigger finger treatment. 

Switch to NonSurgical Trigger Finger Treatment Offered By Zeta Technology Group

It is better to cure your trigger finger with non surgical trigger finger treatment options. These natural remedies are safe to use and effective enough to reduce the inflammation and swelling in the tendon sheaths. Moreover, such home treatments for trigger finger offers no side effects to the body and are painless. 

Trigger finger tape and wand offered by zeta technology group offers the trigger thumb treatment and eliminates the need for surgical procedures. These products are super affordable for everyone and easy to use by beginners and professionals. 

The list of products includes trigger finger wand, trigger finger tape, trigger finger jelly and therapeutic water soaks. You can book your treatment kit anytime to get rid of your pain.

Get Rid of Trigger Finger with Home Remedies

Trigger Finger is a common problem in middle age people. It affects those who are involved in repetitive hand activities or tight grip activities. Though it is not a major issue to be concerned about, the pain in severe cases and difficulty in focusing on daily activities or gripping things raise the need for treatment.

Trigger Finger condition, or in simple words, the temporary sticking or popping in finger or thumb while trying to bent can be cured without going through a surgical procedure. The treatment of trigger finger ranges from natural cure for trigger finger to surgery, depending on the patient’s situation.

You can switch to home treatment for trigger fingers that work as an excellent option and alternative to surgery. Let us discuss the natural ways to treat your trigger finger.

Giving Rest to Hands

As the trigger finger condition is linked to the overuse of affected fingers or thumb, resting your hands is one of the best trigger finger treatment home remedies. It can lead the inflammation to dwindle and start mending the finger. Try to avoid repetitive gripping or holding things for a few weeks to give rest to the inflamed tendon and let the swelling go down. It is a natural home treatment for trigger finger that allows you to keep your hand in the rest position so that you cannot get much stress on your hand.


Splinting is another non-surgical treatment for the trigger finger that keeps the affected finger lengthened or impairs a part of your finger or hand. A split can give the finger the proper rest required without giving up all the hand movements. Splinting will sustain your finger and allow for healing, preventing re-injury, and act as a reminder in keeping the finger in a still position, easing the inflammation after continuous use for a few weeks.

Finger Stretching Exercises 

Gentle stretching exercises are the perfect home treatment for a trigger finger that does not require any medical procedure to be carried out. There are many simple-to-do exercises that can help in curing the affected finger or thumb and improving the range of motion. It helps in maintaining flexibility and hand strength. You can also consult a therapist to get a list of exercises to minimize the rigidity of the finger. Exercise is highly beneficial in curing the condition to some extent so make sure you get it done consistently.

Hot & Cold Therapy

They both are two different trigger finger treatment home remedies that work integrally to cure the condition of the trigger finger. Heat therapy mitigates the injuries while the cold one dulls the pain. The best part of this treatment is that it can be done simply at home and does not require any special equipment.

Trigger Finger Wand & Trigger Finger Tape

Here is a new natural home treatment for trigger finger available in the market. Designed with a natural approach, it offers an inexpensive alternative to surgery and comes at a very affordable price. Trigger Finger Wand is proven to be a quick solution for the condition and can be easily used at home. The device offers to restore hand movement and may even delay the need for surgical procedures. It is easy to use, and an economic solution that allows the increased use of the hand. Moreover, Trigger Finger Wand can be used again for multiple fingers and is very effective in reducing tenderness and locking of the finger.

The name “trigger finger” may bring to mind guns, sharpshooters, or the finger that we pull a trigger with, but it is actually a painful physical condition experienced in the hands. So what does trigger finger really mean?

Trigger fingers

Trigger finger, or stenosing tenosynovitis, is an agonizing condition that causes a finger to lock in a certain position, preventing it flexing smoothly. The condition is a result of inflammation within the tendon sheath of the finger. Sometimes a tendon may develop a nodule that keeps it from gliding smoothly, which causes the finger to get stuck at one position, not being able to bend or straighten. With trigger finger, one may experience “clicking” whenever the finger is bent or when straightened. When it gets locked in position, one may need to use the other hand to straighten the bent finger.

The painful condition usually occurs in your ring finger, little finger, and your thumb; however, it may not always stay limited to only one finger. So, it is always better to use the surgical treatment or the home remedies for trigger finger to eliminate the threat of trigger finger.

So what does it really look like? And why is it called “trigger finger”?

Imagine yourself holding a gun in your hand, and you’re just about to press the trigger. Now hold up your finger in that position and observe. You’ll see it is bent in a certain way. This is what trigger finger looks like, and how the condition got its name.

So no, trigger finger is not related to guns. Rather, it is a severely painful condition caused by inflammation of the tendon sheath that causes a digit to get locked in a position, bent toward the palm that looks like a finger on a trigger.

Trigger finger

There is a lot of confusion about hand conditions, like whether the pain in your finger is caused by trigger finger, carpal tunnel, or something else. What is trigger finger, and how can you test if you have it or not?

Trigger finger:

Trigger finger, or stenosing tenosynovitis, is a painful condition that causes your finger to bend and lock towards your palm. It is usually a result of inflammation or swelling in your tendon sheaths.

Luckily, testing for trigger finger doesn’t require an X-Ray or another sophisticated method of detection. Even if you go to a doctor for analysis, they will carry out their examination based on your symptoms. Checking for the symptoms of trigger finger is the best way to identify it. A doctor examination can help you to detect the trigger finger situation and get a trigger finger treatment at home or from your physician.


  • Clicking every time you bend or straighten your finger
  • A finger remaining locked in a certain position even if you try to flex it
  • A lump at the base of the affected finger
  • Pain or soreness when trying to bend, straighten, or move your finger

Risk Factors:

Although trigger finger is a condition that anyone can develop, some people are more prone to it. A few risk factors are listed here:

  • Age: People who are between the ages of 40 to 60 are more likely to develop trigger fingers.
  • Gender: Women are more at risk of developing trigger fingers, as compared to men.
  • Health conditions: People suffering from diabetes, gout, or rheumatoid arthritis are at risk of developing a trigger finger. Note that some people confuse carpal tunnel syndrome with trigger fingers; however, this condition is different.
  • Profession: One of the most common reasons for trigger fingers is occupation. People who do work that involves repetitive use of fingers or work that puts on constant stress on the fingers, such as musicians, writers, and industrial workers, are more likely to develop trigger finger.

Stenosing tenosynovitis may be painful, but not every pain in your finger can be considered “trigger finger.” In order to get proper trigger finger treatment, it is necessary to understand the underlying condition that you’re dealing with. Start by identifying the symptoms that you have, and comparing them to the list above.

Trigger Finger

It’s normal for you to feel scared or anxious before getting an injection, but it is a 5-minute process with anti-inflammatory effects that will ease your pain almost instantly.

Cortisone injections, which are typically used to bring instant relief to hand conditions like trigger finger, are more powerful than other anti-inflammatory medications. This type of injection, which is also known as a corticosteroid injection, is a steroid that reduces inflammation. A person can intake this form of medication in various ways, like by mouth, inhalation, or by rubbing on the skin. When it comes to trigger finger, however, cortisone has to be injected in order to penetrate the tissue of the tendon. This will provide relief by reducing inflammation on the tendon sheath.

How many injections can you have?

As good as this trigger finger treatment sounds; it can be ineffective for certain patients. Doctors need to know the background of individual patients in order to give this treatment. The patient’s background will establish how many times he or she may require injections, or if the person is even eligible to get this form of trigger finger treatment. For example, patients who have diabetes and trigger finger may not be given any cortisone injections as the steroids may affect their blood sugar levels. A patient that meets the doctor’s requirements may take the injection twice; however, the second injection will be less effective than the first.