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What Is Trigger Finger?


Trigger Finger is the restriction of smooth tendon gliding due to mechanical trespass at the level of A1 pulley. This situation results in the gradual pain, clicking, catching, and locking of the finger or thumb! It occurs when the flexor tendons become inflamed and begin to swell. As a result, you may find a nodule which makes it difficult for the joint to get straight or bent. While the expansion of the tendon, the finger or thumb becomes instantly stuck and then quickly pops out into extension.

Medically known as stenosing tenosynovitis, it makes the finger or thumb difficult to move flatly and get stuck in a bent position.

What are the causes and risk factors?

Though there is not any specific age for its occurrence, it is more likely to be seen in middle age people, specifically in women. The actual cause of trigger finger condition is not known to date but certain factors claim its existence.

  • Trigger Finger is more likely to occur to patients having a medical condition such as diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis
  • You are more exposed to the condition if involved in activities involving overuse of hand or repetitive gripping
  • Any traumatic injury may also lead to trigger finger occurrence. In case you recently had carpal tunnel syndrome surgery, there are risks of getting trigger fingers.

What are the signs and symptoms? 

Some of the common symptoms observed by the patients of trigger finger are as follows!

  • Swelling
  • A person may feel pain at the base of the finger
  • You may get a tender lump at the base of the finger on the palm side
  • The feeling of popping or catching in the finger joints
  • Catching or snapping sensation with movement of the finger
  • Inflexibility in the fingers can be observed after extended inactivity

Treatment Options 

Either you have mild or severe symptoms, the treatment is available. For mild cases, just giving rest to the fingers for a few weeks and avoiding the overuse of hand can provide relief as an effective trigger finger treatment. These symptoms vanished after a few weeks of the home treatment! You can also go for the massage, hand or finger exercises, heat, and working range of motion of the digit.

How Do You Release A Trigger Finger?

Have a look at other diagnoses and treatment options!

  • A splint, brace, or tape to restrict the movement of the finger
  • You can go with anti-inflammatory medication to reduce pain
  • Steroid injections in severe cases are recommended by doctors to reduce the swelling in the tendon sheath

In case the treatments fail to provide relief, surgery is the option a patient needs to go for! Surgery helps in relieving pain and restoring the function of the affected finger or thumb. The recovery process of surgery as trigger finger treatment takes about 2 weeks!

Trigger Finger Wand – A New Natural Approach

A new non-surgical treatment for trigger finger is introduced in the market so that the patients don’t have to bear the sufferings of surgical procedures. Designed with a completely natural approach, Trigger Finger Wand offers a safe and painless treatment to the symptoms associated with the condition. This new and easy approach to Trigger Finger works as a home treatment and a completely natural cure for trigger finger.

Describing the benefits of this device, it offers trigger finger treatment without surgery. You can take this new and effective approach to reduce the swelling in the tendon sheaths, effectively and painlessly. It is proven to be a quick, effective, and inexpensive solution for Trigger Finger that can be easily used at home. No side-effects and no scars at all! The modern approach helps in restoring the hand movement and even delays the need for surgery. It is suggested to use this wand at the earlier stages of Trigger Finger, for best results of course!

Why go for non-surgical treatment for trigger finger?

Though the results of the surgery are quite good it comes with a price. Also, not every patient wishes to have surgery as a preferred option. Trigger Finger Wand is a blessing to those looking for an escape from the surgical procedure. Affordable price, natural approach, and easy to use trigger finger treatment at home!

A cost-effective solution that assimilates ultrasound and far-infrared technology and reduces tenderness and locking of the finger. Offering quick results with 30 minutes of the session, the device is portable and can be carried easily. Also, you can reuse this wand for multiple fingers again and again in the future. It is one of its kind launched in the health care industry as a home treatment and is worthy of its price with great benefits.

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What are the common questions about Trigger Finger?

Trigger Finger or Stenosing Tenosynovitis is a painful condition that causes a finger or thumb to lock in a bent position when trying to straighten it, causing pain or inflexibility to the affected finger. Though it is believed that the condition can affect the ring finger or thumb, but there may be the case that other fingers may also get affected.

If you are involved in the activities that require repeated gripping of fingers or have such work or hobby, there are high chances of getting a trigger finger. Also, women are more likely to experience the condition as they are more involved in household chores. Also, there are some health conditions responsible for trigger finger, like diabetes, gout, or rheumatoid arthritis.

People who generally experience such conditions may have many queries related to trigger fingers. Here are some of them explained!

  • What is going to happen if the condition of the trigger finger does not get treated?

Many of the patients wonder if there is any need for trigger finger treatment. Though it is not harmful, however in the absence of a cure, the affected finger may get permanently bent. As a result, the person would feel difficulty in doing daily activities. Moreover, there is a risk of the condition affecting other fingers in the future, along with the affected finger.

  • Is there any truth in the self-healing of the trigger finger?

Before going through any treatment for trigger thumb, patients have a query if the trigger finger can heal on its own. The answer is yes, only if it occurs suddenly after performing any particular activity. It disappears as soon as you avoid that particular activity and give appropriate rest to your hands for days. Taking anti-inflammatory drugs and avoiding the bending of fingers can help during this period.

In case if the symptoms do not recede after weeks, it is now the time for a doctor’s consultation.

  • How the trigger finger can be treated at home?

    Who would like to go for surgeries as a cure option for such an inoffensive condition? You can try some effective home treatments instead, in case of mild symptoms.

  1. Giving rest to hand by avoiding repeated hand activities, at least for 4-6 weeks.
  2. You can use a brace or splint to give rest to hand and inhibit the motion.
  3. Applying heat and ice to the affected finger can help to slash the swelling.
  4. Finger stretching exercises can be performed to recoup range of motion. You can also soak your hands in warm water to relax the muscles.

All the above-mentioned methods can be considered as perfect trigger finger treatment carried out at home without following any medical procedure.

  • What is the best treatment for getting rid of the trigger finger?

Home treatments fail to work in case of severe symptoms of trigger finger. In those cases, steroid medications can be considered. Surgery is another option that can be considered for getting rid of the symptoms of trigger finger.

There is a non-surgical treatment for trigger finger introduced in the market that is a complete home treatment. A new, easy and affordable approach that is proven to be effective in typically reducing the pain, discomfort, catching, and locking of the finger. The ease of using this wand makes it a preferred choice among the patients and is gaining huge popularity in the health care industry. Offering an inexpensive alternative to surgery, Trigger Finger Wand is considered as the trigger finger treatment without surgery leaving no scars to the body.

  •   What is the recovery time?

The surgery process takes a few days to recover from the symptoms or condition, but may also extends to several weeks. In case of steroid injections, it generally takes few weeks before the swelling and pain are reduced and finger is able to move again.

However, you can get the quick and effective result of the symptoms of trigger finger with regular use of Trigger Finger Wand complimented with Trigger Finger tape. No side-effects and very easy to apply or rub to the affected area. You will be able to see the results with this non-surgical treatment of trigger finger.

Hope all of your doubts are cleared in this article! If you feel any kind of symptoms of trigger finger, visit your health professional to know the status of condition. The treatment for trigger thumb or finger will be suggested according to the situation of the condition.  The choice of treatment, however, depends on you, whether you want to face the suffering of surgical process or want a natural approach.

Try this safe, painless and affordable approach once, the results will amaze you! Order your Trigger Finger Wand online today!

Trigger Finger Treatment

What actually a Trigger Finger is?

The trigger Finger is also known as stenosing tenosynovitis in medical terms, which makes the movement of the finger or thumb of a person difficult to move. In simple words, the finger gets stuck into a bent position and snaps or pops into a straight position when tried to move.

How the finger’s movement is affected is due to swelling or inflammation in the tendon sheath making the smooth gliding of the tendon difficult.

How will one identify the existence of a trigger finger?

Trigger Finger shows some early signs that include:

  • Pain at the base of that finger
  • A knot formed at the  base of the finger on the palm side
  • Catching or snapping sensation with finger movement

What are the causes? Is there any risk factor involved?

Though there is no specific age of trigger finger occurrence, people of age above 45 have more risks and are prone to the condition, especially women.

The actual cause of trigger finger is not known, but it has been analyzed that it is more common in people who:

  • Have a record of an underlying medical condition like rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes
  • A person who is involved in the excessive gripping activities
  • Had recently gone through carpal tunnel syndrome surgery

What are the treatment options?

What is the need of treatment? For some specific reasons!

The condition and the pain can alter the daily activities of a person. Also the condition can cause further harm to the tendon if left untreated for a long time. The treatment of the trigger finger depends on the intensity of the symptoms of the condition. There are some trigger finger treatment home remedies that are proven to be effective in providing relief from the pain or trouble.

Some of the treatments are as follows!

  • Giving rest to the hand
  • A splint, brace or tape can be used to restrict the finger movement
  • A patient can also go for anti-inflammatory medication to get pain relief
  • Lifestyle changes are recommended
  • Finger stretching exercises for the flexibility

The patient may also get advice to try a steroid injection to reduce the swelling in the tendon sheath. In case your condition is severe and the home remedies fail to provide relief to the condition, surgery is the next option suggested which includes small cut in the tendon sheath.

Is there any trigger finger treatment without surgery available?

None of us would prefer to bear the pain and troubles of surgery! People, that is why, now heading towards the natural cure for the relief.

Fortunately, there is an inexpensive alternative to surgery available!

A new device – Trigger Finger Wand is a new non-surgical treatment for trigger finger now introduced in the health care industry, specifically for the patients who want an escape of surgery. Trigger Finger Wand and Trigger Finger Tape is specially designed to reduce the pain, discomfort, catching and locking associated with the bothersome condition. The major benefit of this device is that you can use it by yourself without worrying about any significant side-effects.

What makes Trigger Finger Wand a great option?

Offering the patients an escape from the surgery, the wand is considered as a new, effective, and affordable approach to get the finger therapy at home. No need to go for doctor’s visits and choose a completely natural approach. Very simple to use and deliver effective results when complemented with Trigger Finger Tape and jelly. By choosing this magical device, you will get a natural and scar-free treatment!

What makes the new product a best trigger finger treatment at home is its natural approach and reusable feature for multiple fingers. You can use it again and again in the future, so it is a long term treatment investment. It offers a precise, safe, and effective ultrasound frequency in addition to a strong, safe and efficient far-infrared heat frequency. With its regular use, it typically results in a reduction of swelling in the tendon sheaths and allows the tendons to move freely. Ultimately, the range of motion in the affected joint gets improved!

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The health care industry is now using the modern techniques for the cure of illness, and keeps on launching magical devices as a home treatment so that patients don’t have to face the sufferings of surgical procedure. Trigger Finger Wand is one of its kinds introduced to provide a safe and painless non-surgical treatment for trigger finger. Moreover, the price of Trigger Finger Wand is very affordable and does not go out of your budget!

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Trigger Finger Treatment

Trigger Finger is a condition that causes a person’s finger to get locked or catches in a bent position when tried to bend or straightened. Most of the people experience the stiffness in ring finger or thumb, but the condition can affect any of the fingers.

What causes Trigger Finger is the inflammation in or around the flexor tendons, which are responsible for moving fingers. In most of the cases, trigger finger causes due to the swelling of pulleys affecting the ability of finger to move flatly.

Read on to know the treatment options of Trigger Finger in detail and some of its causes and avoidance methods.

Non-Surgical Treatment 

While diagnosing the trigger finger, the doctor generally recommends non-surgical treatment for trigger finger to cure the condition. Various treatments can be tried at home with simple to use procedure!

Resting of hand 

One of the main causes of the trigger finger is the overuse of hand; the most basic treatment is resting the hand and finger. To reduce the symptoms of the condition and see the results, you need to rest this specific area to a few weeks.

Taking the over-the-counter medications

You can take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce the pain and inflammation of the condition.


Trigger Finger splint generally wraps around the palm and covers the lower portion of the affected finger. This natural cure for trigger finger allows a person to bend the top portion of the finger without moving the part closest to the palm.

Hand and Finger Exercise 

Doing hand and finger exercises can help in stretching and bolster the muscles around the tendons, reducing the pain and rigidity. Remember do not do over exercise and avoid in case any pain occurs.

Apply ice 

Apply an ice pack to the affected finger for a short duration of time on a routine basis can help in reducing the inflammation. Try to do it 3-5 times a day to get results

Use flexible tools 

You can place securing, soft-grip covers over the steering, power tools, bicycle handles to reduce the efforts of friction and possibly lessen the inflammation that causes trigger finger.

Steroid injections

Steroid injections can be injected around the tendon sheath in the affected finger. It can reduce the trigger finger pain and also limit the breakage of movement. Maybe one or more than one injections are required to treat the condition.

Surgical Treatment

In case of the failure of the above-mentioned non-surgical treatment for trigger finger options in curing the painful condition, surgery would be recommended by your doctor. Surgery is often suggested if the finger becomes permanent caught or bent out of position. Like other surgeries, this too involves an incision and needling process, to release the pulley.

It is conspicuous that open surgery reduces the extent of pain and other symptoms of the condition as compared to steroid injections. However, there is no testimony of getting long-term relief from the trigger finger with surgery. Additionally, surgery is associated with high risks making people go for the natural cure for trigger finger.

Trigger Finger Wand

Good news for all the patients looking for the surgery alternate!

A new device – Trigger Finger Wand is introduced in the healthcare industry as an inexpensive alternative to surgery. It is a new, easy, and economic approach to cure the trigger finger simply at your home. To reduce the pain, discomfort, catching, and locking of trigger finger, this device is proven to be helpful! Moreover, the swelling in the tendon sheaths gets reduced in a safe and painless way.

Benefits of using Trigger Finger Wand

In addition to offering trigger finger treatment without surgery with a completely natural approach, the wand has very easy to use process. Just a simple rub of 20 minutes can deliver effective results. Due to its natural approach, there are no significant side-effects and you will get a scar-free treatment. The price is very economic, at least less than those expensive surgeries.

Wait, there’s more! Trigger Finger Wand is reusable for multiple fingers again and again for years. The product is one of its kind and works great when complemented with Trigger Finger Wand that holds the finger in place and ultimately avoids the excessive use of tendons or further inflammation. Carry it wherever you like!

Bottom Lines

What more can you expect from a portable, simple to use device? Why it is considered as one of the best trigger finger treatment home remedies is because of its ease of use, even by a beginner, affordable approach, and can be used simply at home, providing an escape to the doctor’s consultation.

Order Trigger Finger Wand online for the tendons to move freely and improve the range of motion in the affected joints. Use it with the use of Trigger Finger Tape and basic exercises for the best results!

Home Treatment for Trigger Finger

Trigger finger is a condition where, most often, the ring finger or the thumb becomes stiff, unmovable, and eventually snap back into place. The condition is generally accompanied by pain, discomfort, and a feeling of “locking” when you straighten or bend your finger. Although not a typically serious condition, if it is left ignored, greater injury and pain may occur.

At-Home Remedies for Mild Cases

Most often, the trigger finger condition gets heals without any treatment at all. The most you may need to do is avoid the activities that worsen the pain and discomfort. Swelling can be reduced by taking anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen.

Another effective option is the Trigger Finger Wand. A quick 20-minute session is enough to reduce swelling in the tendon sheaths. It is safe to use, affordable, and painless. Best home treatment for trigger finger!

Surgery for Extreme Cases

In extreme cases where the condition is so bad that at-home natural remedies for trigger finger are not relieving your symptoms, it may be time to opt for trigger finger surgery. There are three types of surgery for trigger finger: Open surgery, percutaneous trigger finger release surgery, and Tenosynovectomy.

For open surgery, a small incision is made in the palm for the surgeon to access and cut the tendon sheath. This allows the tendon area to move. Percutaneous release surgery leavesno wound.  At the base of your finger, a needle is inserted, and the tendon sheath is cut with that needle.

Tenosynovectomy is the last surgical option and is only recommended by the doctor if the first two procedures are not ideal. A pre-existing health condition could render this type of surgery the only option.

Whatever the severity of your trigger finger, it is important to seek medical attention if trigger finger treatment home remedies are not working. If this condition is ignored, it could potentially worsen, and you will lose the ability to straighten or bend your finger or thumb.

Trigger finger

Trigger finger is considered to be an RSI —or repetitive strain injury—and the most basic method of treatment is to rest and avoid the activities that initiated the ailment in the first place.

Sometimes, however, rest is not enough to entirely rid of the symptoms. That’s when it is time to seek other forms of trigger finger treatment. One of the best treatment devices on the market today is the Trigger Finger Wand.

What is the Trigger Finger Wand and How Does It Work?

The Trigger Finger Wand is a revolutionary technique that uses external pressure and healing energy to repair the inflammation of the affected area.

To use the device,simply apply it to the finger(s) and/or thumb that is causing you discomfort. All it takes is a short 20-minute session before improvement is noticed. The device comes with proprietary oil that facilitates the healing process.

The Trigger Finger Wand has several advantages over other medical treatments available today. First, it is easy to use and effective. To use the device, simply apply it to the finger(s) and/or thumb that is causing you discomfort. All it takes is a short 20-minute session before improvement is noticed. The device comes with proprietary oil that facilitates the healing process.

Second, because it is an external applicator, it is non-invasive and does not have the side effects attributed to other medical treatments. It can be used without the risks of infection and complications usually associated with surgery.

Last, it is affordable and won’t put a whole in your wallet!

Other solutions

If you are not seeing adequate results with the Trigger Finger Wand, consider trying Trigger Finger Tape for another affordable treatment for trigger finger. Other treatments might include surgery or steroid injections to manage the pain associated with the condition.

First and foremost, always speak with your healthcare provider to determine the best possible solution.


Trigger Finger

Trigger finger— medically known as Stenosing Tenosynovitis— is an inflammation of the tendon sheath that helps the fingers with movement and dexterity. Unfortunately, it is a common cause of hand problems in adults.

This happens due to a phenomenon called “repetitive strain injury” which can be described as wear and tear. Consider, for instance, you have a rope that is hanging tightly off a sharp edge. The more the rope is moved, the more frayed and worn it will become. It is the same concept with trigger finger.

More about the trigger finger treatment and prevalence of trigger finger is discussed in the following paragraphs.

The Statistics

It is estimated that about 2% of the population suffers from this problem. It is most common among women and middle-aged. Those with underlying diseases may also be at risk. Rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid disorders, Diabetes Mellitus, and Sarcoidosis are a few examples.

Due to the increase in the number of electronic devices these days that require constant movement of the fingers and hands—cellphones, videogames, etc.—the problem is becoming even more problematic!

Overall, Statistics show that trigger finger is an extremely prevalent condition in general.

Treatment Options

The best and easiest method of treatment for trigger finger, of course, is to avoid the activities that cause the trigger finger in the first place. Sometimes, though, that isn’t enough. A person whose trigger finger symptoms are further progressed may need additional help.

Alternatives such as the Trigger Finger Wand and splinting are practical methods to alleviate symptoms. Steroid injections, too, can reduce the pain and swelling associated with trigger finger. If you vie for a more nutritional and natural cure for trigger finger, you might consider an anti-inflammatory diet. Afterall, trigger finger is related to inflammation.

For the serious cases that don’t improve with these things, surgery may be necessary.

Whatever the case, its best to consult with your physician or healthcare provider to determine the best form of treatment for your particular situation.

Know About Trigger Finger and its Occurrence

Trigger finger is a common condition known to people across the map. Some have chosen to handle their pain and discomfort by undergoing surgery while others have been fortunate enough to improve their condition with minimal treatment at all.

Continue reading the article below to learn more about different trigger finger treatment options available.

Non-surgical treatments

A great number of folks are able to manage and heal their symptoms of trigger finger with the most basic methods of home treatment for trigger finger.

First, one can simply make a point to rest the affected area for a time. Take a look at the activities in your daily life that require repetitive hand and finger movement. Take a look at the activity that may have started your trigger finger symptoms in the first place. Avoid these activities to the best of your ability.

Another easy and affordable method of trigger finger treatment at home involves the Trigger Finger Wand. This device requires only a 20-minute session of treatment per day. Improvement can be noticed even after the very first treatment!

Trigger Finger Tape, splinting, and steroid injections into the affected area are other non-invasive methods common in the treatment world.

Before opting for surgery, consider these methods offering natural cure for trigger finger to save your time and money.

Undergoing Surgery for Trigger Finger

If you have tried the above methods and are not seeing the results you would like to see, perhaps it is time to consult with your healthcare provider. Surgery might be necessary to fix your trigger finger condition.

People have seen great success with trigger finger surgeries. There are rarely complications and the recovery period are minimal.

In the end, it is your decision whether to treat your trigger finger with non-surgical treatment or surgical one. Remember to weigh the options and speak with your doctor. Once treated, your life will be back to normal in no time.

Managing Trigger Finger With Trigger Finger Treatment

If you are one of the unfortunate people who are affected by trigger finger, there is hope yet! Fortunately, diagnosing trigger finger is a fairly simple process. It does not require expensive or painful tests and it can be done quickly.
The paragraphs below describe what you might expect to happen at your doctor’s appointment.

Asking Questions

The first step of any diagnosis process involves asking questions. When you first sit down with your doctor, he/she will ask what brings you into the office. They will also ask about your health history and whether you have any current underlying health conditions. Last, they will ask you to describe the symptoms you are experiencing in detail.
All of these things will allow the doctor the opportunity to determine whether your current symptoms and health history might be related. It may help him when it comes time to provide a diagnosis.

Physical exam

The physical exam is not exhausting or elaborate. It is quite simple. The doctor will ask you to close and open your hand. This will allow him to take note of the areas that are the stiffest and the areas that are experiencing the most amount of pain.
The doctor will also analyze and palpate your palm and check if there is a lump and if the lump is connected with the trigger finger. A lump associated with the trigger finger will move as the finger will move because the lump is swelling in the tendon that is attached to the finger.

What Comes Next?

After your diagnosis for trigger finger treatment is complete, and the doctor has analyzed how severe your condition is, the doctor will prescribe you with the appropriate trigger finger treatment plan and perhaps medications that will help you manage your pain and discomfort.

The name “trigger finger” may bring to mind guns, sharpshooters, or the finger that we pull a trigger with, but it is actually a painful physical condition experienced in the hands. So what does trigger finger really mean?

Trigger fingers

Trigger finger, or stenosing tenosynovitis, is an agonizing condition that causes a finger to lock in a certain position, preventing it flexing smoothly. The condition is a result of inflammation within the tendon sheath of the finger. Sometimes a tendon may develop a nodule that keeps it from gliding smoothly, which causes the finger to get stuck at one position, not being able to bend or straighten. With trigger finger, one may experience “clicking” whenever the finger is bent or when straightened. When it gets locked in position, one may need to use the other hand to straighten the bent finger.

The painful condition usually occurs in your ring finger, little finger, and your thumb; however, it may not always stay limited to only one finger.

So what does it really look like? And why is it called “trigger finger”?

Imagine yourself holding a gun in your hand, and you’re just about to press the trigger. Now hold up your finger in that position and observe. You’ll see it is bent in a certain way. This is what trigger finger looks like, and how the condition got its name.

So no, trigger finger is not related to guns. Rather, it is a severely painful condition caused by inflammation of the tendon sheath that causes a digit to get locked in a position, bent toward the palm that looks like a finger on a trigger.