Get Rid of Trigger Finger with Home Remedies

A Natural Way to Get Rid of Trigger Finger with Home Remedies

Trigger Finger is a common problem faced by middle age people, those who are involved in repetitive hand activities or tight grip activities. Though it is not a major issue to be concerned about, the pain in severe cases and difficulty in doing daily activities or gripping things raises the need for treatment.

Trigger Finger condition, or in simple words, the temporary sticking or popping in finger or thumb while trying to bent can be cured without going through a surgical procedure. The treatment of trigger finger ranges from rest to surgery, depending on the condition of the patient.

There are some simple home remedies for trigger finger available that work as an excellent option to those who are looking for an alternate. Have a look at a few of them!

Giving Rest to Hands

As the trigger finger condition is linked to the overuse of affected fingers or thumb, resting your hands is one of the best trigger finger treatment home remedies. This can lead the inflammation to dwindle and start mending the finger. Try to avoid repetitive gripping or holding things for a few weeks to give rest to the inflamed tendon and let the swelling go down.


Splinting is another non-surgical treatment for the trigger finger that keeps the affected finger lengthened or impairs a part of your finger or hand. A split can give the finger the proper rest required without giving up all the hand movements. Splinting will sustain your finger and allow for healing, preventing re-injury, and act as a reminder in keeping the finger in a still position, easing the inflammation after continuous use for a few weeks.

Finger Stretching Exercises 

Gentle stretching exercises are the perfect home remedies for trigger fingers that do not require any medical procedure to be carried out. There are many simple to do exercise that can help in curing the affected finger or thumb and improving the range of motion. It helps in maintaining flexibility and hand strength. You can also consult a therapist to get a list of exercises to minimize the rigidity of the finger. Exercise is highly beneficial in curing the condition to some extent so make sure you get it done consistently.

Hot & Cold Therapy

They both are two different trigger finger treatment home remedies that work integrally to cure the condition of the trigger finger. Heat therapy mitigates the injuries while the cold one dulls the pain. The best part of this treatment is that it can be done simply at home and does not require any special equipment.

Trigger Finger Wand & Trigger Finger Tape

Here is a new trigger finger treatment without surgery available in the market which is considered as home therapy. Designed with a natural approach, it offers an inexpensive alternative to surgery and comes at a very affordable price. Trigger Finger Wand is proven to be a quick solution for the condition and can be easily used at home. What benefit this device offers is the restoring hand movement and may even delay the need for surgical procedures. It is easy to use, and an economic solution that allows the increased use of the hand. Moreover, Trigger Finger Wand can be used again for multiple fingers and is very effective in reducing tenderness and locking of the finger.

Trigger Finger tape is the best non-surgical treatment for trigger finger symptoms and is very easy to apply. Acting as a second skin, it holds the finger in place to avoid the excessive use of tendons and further inflammation. This tape can be worn all day and night and secures the finger in an extended to position to provide comfort and moderate any pain or spam while performing daily activities. Both the treatment options, when combined together, give effective results even after the first treatment session of 30 minutes.

Trigger Finger Wand is a new approach that is proof that home remedies for trigger fingers are good enough to get rid of symptoms associated with the trigger finger without causing any side-effects or scars to the body. Give it a try to get a completely safe and natural cure!

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