Consider the Effective and Affordable Home Treatment for Trigger Finger

A trigger finger is a medical condition that comes in many names, such as stenosing tenosynovitis, trigger thumb, or trigger digit. It is a disorder mainly characterized by the painful locking of one or more than one finger in a flexed or bent position. At that moment, you need a home treatment for your trigger finger. You can also go for the surgical option.

It occurs due to the inflammation or narrowing of the tendon sheath that contains tendons of muscles that flex finger joints normally.

The signs and symptoms of trigger finger include: pain at the base of the palm or knuckles of the affected finger, popping sound on the movement of the affected finger, locked digits that often require the assistance of the other hands to regain movement. Sometimes a palpable nodule may also be found at the junction of the palm and affected digit. The most common site of Trigger finger incidence is the ring finger and thumb.

Diabetes, thyroid diseases, kidney diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, and other inflammatory disorders are proposed to be some common risk factors for the development of a trigger finger. This condition is more prevalent in females than in males, specifically those in their fifth and sixth decade of life.

Studies show that the trigger finger is one of the most prevalent causes of hand pain in adults, with about approximately 2% of the general population estimated to be suffering from it. This aliment not only causes pain but also brings debilitating changes in an individual’s daily routine. Fortunately, to combat this incapacitating condition we have just the right solution to offer: A trigger finger kit.

The Trigger finger wand, combined with Trigger Finger Tape is without a doubt the most innovative, non-invasive, and practical at-home treatment of trigger finger that shows visible results within the first few days of treatment.

It consists of the Trigger Finger Wand that works as a compact ultrasound and far-infrared device emitting frequencies that stimulate the reduction of swelling in the inflamed tendon sheath. It is complemented with a proprietary oil and a trigger finger tape that further amplifies its effectiveness. The oil is applied before the initiation of the session so it assists in the smooth gliding of the ultrasound wand over the skin.

The proprietary tape is applied after the session and can be worn all day like a second skin. It holds the affected finger in a constant gentle stretch, decreasing discomfort during motion and preventing the locking of fingers.

The trigger finger wand and tape, therefore, facilitates in returning the healthy flexibility of your fingers. Also, it significantly lowers the inflammation that is causing the pain. For many, it is the safest, pain-free, and cheapest trigger finger treatment at home carried out without any additional assistance in the confinements of home.

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